Flash player.

Guys am stuck, am trying to upload a document on Ntsa tims site but as u can see there is a something missing on my browser. I thought ni flash player and installed it but didn’t work… i knw it’s an extension but my head is jammed I can’t remember to forget… help asap.[ATTACH=full]150379[/ATTACH]


Tumia internet explorer… browsers zingine hukataa Kwa hiyo page

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Thanks buddy. U just saved me 500 I didn’t even kwn explorer existed

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kwa hiyo 500 si unirushie 200 nichape Kibao, help a boy villager, the way a villager has just helped you, spread the Ktalk Love and kindness around, “in a good way”


Leta till number

sikuhizi kuna ile mambo ya range, sijua 100mts, so inaeza bounce, nikutumie nangos

Thirst is real…mwambie atume in batches za 99 ndio asilipishwe