Flash chinese ROM with Kenyan ROM

Howdy. As you might know chinese ROMs are f**cked up. Has anyone ever flashed a Samsung chinese ROM with a Kenyan ROM, and the phone worked superbly? I have a samsung S8+ phone with a chinese ROM and would like to change it. Any advice will be highly appreciated.

Usijaribu Kenyans goods are shit. We are know for making substandard things. Kazi ni kujifanya twajua. Look no further kwa nini sirikali hupea mshaina barabara atengezee and every year engineers are graduaty.

Niletee io simu na ubebe 2k

an individual graduating does not mean you are ready to undertake such tasks…mkenya apewe hio kazi be assured within 1 year itakua na potholes kibao

Point of correction. The so called Kenyan ROM is from Samsung itself, the modem files are tweaked to support the regions frequency. Try flashing a North America ROM and your phone might not receive network.
Next time, don’t be so quick to bash anything with a “Kenyan” tag just for the sake.

I swear nimekuja nikujua Ulitia Muchaina Mimba…nkt…

Saa zingine ni vizuri kunyamaza ama kuuliza swali kama huelewi kitu

it wont work juu model ya hapa na china are different the most you can do is flash a hong’ kong firmware

The best alternative to the Chinese Rom will be it install a custom Rom. but a custom Rom might void your warranty. the advantage of flashing a custom rom is that you won’t get any bloatware this means your phone will have an increase in space. secondly, I would like to correct the guy who advised you to flash a North America Rom, Not everybody understands or know what type of Roms are available the best idea would have been to advice than to scold. Thirdly the hong kong firmware might not work, your phone will be bricked it is the same situation with the North America Rom. By the way, if it is the Chinese language bothering you could just go to settings and change to English.

Chinese roms lack Gapps

You can try to sideload GApps most convenient places to get them would most probably be XDA. https://www.xda-developers.com/open-gapps-now-supports-android-8-1-oreo-arm-arm64/ or https://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-one/general/gapps-8-1-unofficial-arm-t3745657 .

If the problem is that there is no GApps and you don’t wish to sideload them the alternative idea will be to install a custom rom because most custom ROMs come with GApps preinstalled. Ps. Before trying to flash a custom Rom please make sure that you have done prior research about flashing custom Roms or looked for someone who can flash it safely so as to avoid bricking your device.

The custom roms I use don’t come with gapps pre installed

Wewe acha kudanganya mtu and be sure of what you are saying

It depends on the chip inside and the phone model.You cannot flash a Verizon phone simply because they all run on CDMA and the LTE network there still uses CDMA for voice and SMS.
But you can flash an AT&T phone

I dont get it. A Kenyan ROM just means its made for Kenya region. Serikali inatokea wapi

Do you know any specific chinese models that people were able to flash the ROM ata kama ni ya any African country

I aint bashing anything. I just need confirmation its been done before. FYI i prefer a Kenyan ROM to Chinese one

This is also one of the advices ve been getting. Thanks