Fixed matches.

Any game in those unknown little leagues can be fixed. Many of those geniuses selling odds instead of betting themselves nimeona zile games wanatumia watu ni za hizo leagues ndogo. Some teams you have never heard of.

Billionaire shida ni gani tena ,mumunya billions zako bila gambling utasota ushangae.

Fixed matches exist lakini haziuzwi ovyo ovyo kwa mtandao and only a chosen few know about them

Kuna talker hapa alikuwa akitupia Sisi fixed matches.

England isthmian league, conference north league and Italian serie c group b…huko ndio match fixing ziko

Yeah fixed matches ziko but utapata kwa dark web mostly, tukish, eastern european na americas leagues ndio zinakuwanga fixed. But usidaganywe na hawa wanauza FB, kama ni ukweli hawa wenyewe wangetajirika naye baadala kuuza elfu moja

vile gamblers wamesema hapo juu

You won’t find them being hwaked for 50 dollars na pia bookies have a way of snuffing out those accounts they suspect are betting on such matches…
They know something is wrong when they see 20 million dollars placed on Redditch VS Coalville

Dark Web unaingia aje?

The triad - The three sides of the triangle , The holy Trinity , horus isis Osiris how did you let it slip under your nose the 3 germans script ,the 3 new finalist script and another number 63 mockery to give spain it’s 63rd see how they mock you . The 97 sacrificed for dumb silver and glory in 85 saw it unfold as the fools watched in awe for 5400 seconds see how they mock you

You are confusing Austrians with Germans.
Also, it was the seven-headed hydra and not the triangle. The prophecy demands a keen spiritual third eye.

Dark web mtu anaingiaje Mdau?

i dont have the slightest clue of what you are talking about the topic is about fixed matches

:D:D:D:D @PHARMACY kuja uone consultation ya fixed matches na sure butt. Vile huyo ‘expert’ amesoma hio comment ya dark web[ATTACH=full]475150[/ATTACH]

Mbona unajitafutia buuure tu[ATTACH=full]475151[/ATTACH]

Wekelea kitu kama umefunga macho style hii

Humbwer Ghaseer Terkerterker ya Dandora

Took you long to come up with such. Tofauti Yako na chokoraa ni jina tu.