Fixed match (Scam Alert)

There is a certain guy keen on giving me a fixed match. The problem is that the pic he sent of the game is dubious. Inakaa poor photoshop tu[ATTACH=full]166975[/ATTACH]

chunga sana

Fixed matches information cannot, I repeat, CANNOT be available to holloi polloi. Mtu wa kawaida amejuaje kuhusu fixed match if at all it exists? If he certainly has that information why hasn’t he staked his kidney on the game? Why is he selling the information for peanuts?


Fixed matches do exist though quite expensive @ about 20K. Yes they sell them because even if you have them, you cannot wager high odds correct scores in the account every week. The bookies will suspect your account abd block you forthwith. You have to look for other people to bet and remit the proceeds to you

Utter nonsense. Thats the line the conmen use to encourage you to buy. That they cannot do it on their own. Dont they have relatives and friends then?

Ofcourse a genuine dealer will will first give you a free test match to confirm scores.

Are you serious dude? Dont you know the fixed game scam how it works? The so called genuine dealer will give you answer 1, give the next dude answer X and give the third dude answer 2. The outcome of the game will be one of those. The fucker who got the correct answer will of course believe the dealer. That is bait. Then for the next game he will ask you for more cash to ‘‘buy’’ ‘‘fixed’’ games. When you lose is when you will know you were f*cked. Bet wisely. Fixed matches scam is for greedy fools.


Fixed games Hua Ni za ligi YA Bulgaria, Romania, & turkey

:D:D:D:D:D fixed=meffi. Meffi game

You sum it up

Personally I don’t give a damn Abt the fixed matches shit, I’ve got this tendency of going by my instincts,ikiniambia hi game ni draw ya 2-2 nadunga , of course single bet na Mara mingi naangukianga

[li]fixed matches/bookies[/li][li]bundles mwitu[/li][li]tokens mwitu.[/li][li]simu yangu iko na shida upande wa Mpesa.[/li][/ol]
Keep Off.


Add ‘business opportunity’ to that list

Hehe…ati 20k! Fixed matches don’t exist to the common gambler. 142 pounds ni pesa ndogo.

i was once given a fixed match for free by my former highschool make and it happened as predicted.fixed match is real but to get a supplier is hard.

I think you mean a wild prediction hit