Five Nissans To Buy


Never buy a new Nissan NP 300 hard body. If you must, buy a second hand with European safety specification.
Here is why…watch

I guess also the one with Jap specs is better. They probably build these according to the specs of the market where they will be sold. Most African countries dont have tight safety regulations written into their laws so they can get away with selling a cheaper version here

From Barasa AVOID EX-SINGAPORE or import premium tears

Ex-Singapore vehicles are infamous for being very attractive and very highly specced lemons just waiting to bankrupt an unwise Kenyan who doesn’t take this column seriously. The problem with ex-Singapore vehicles is they do not undergo any kind of pre-importation scrutiny, so those folks will sell you anything, and I do mean anything: where “anything” in this case is “a German car that saw no maintenance in its lifetime”.

Japan is the exact opposite: they’re fastidious, meticulous and sticklers for protocol, and their inspection process is stricter than the curfew hours at a convent. They check the cars thoroughly and award them grades out of five, with five being pristine and 0 being “send this junk to the crusher immediately, it shall not be exported”. You get exactly what it says on the sheet, while with a Singapore import, you are gambling with your money.


this was changed kitaambo sana

Are they okay now ? Do they under go inspection ? siwezi mind Hilux ya huko

yes, they are inspected before they leave

Yes they undergo inspection before being shipped

So they are also graded like Jap cars?

yes, quality control should be at par now

If this is true then I can consider buying a car from there. Before I wouldnt do it.

This changed I think last year. Inspection is being done on Singaporean cars…

Nunua halafu utupee feedback.btw ulitoka kwa matheee?