Five lies women believe about men..copied



Backstreet Boys sang that I don’t care who you are, where you are from as long as you love me. But this applies to certain contexts, like your race, tribe and perhaps upbringing, not the shady things you have done with other men.

Men know that your notch count, the number of sexual partners you have had in the past, determines how long you and he can last in the relationship. It directly affects a woman’s ability to pair bond. A man may know about your life of drama and breakups and string of crazy relationships, but if you give him, sure, he will smash.

But he will not wife you up.

Who in his right mind will pick a used car with dents, worn tyres and raggedy seats when he can get a new one?

Anyway, most men smash it as they keep searching for the right woman. On the day he finds her, he leaves. That’s why you find some women lamenting how they broke up with their men, and one week later, the guy was planning a wedding. It is because the guy made up his mind a long time ago that he won’t marry a problem woman such as them. Men’s sexual strategy is unlimited access to unlimited sexuality. That’s why they will smash even if you’re a scallywag that needs therapy.

For the most part, women cannot distinguish men they can get from men that they can keep. This is why they harvest premium tears after lengthy “engagements.” The fact that a guy likes your viscous insides doesn’t mean he wants to deal with you as a wife.


Romance is an orchestrated event to create an intense emotional reaction. It’s a form of drama to spike the feelings, typically, a woman’s feelings. Men usually initiate romantic actions because they know women love the excitement. They also know that they will be rewarded with sex if they make women feel a certain way. Romance can be in the form of flowers, candle-lit dinners, petals on the bed, proposing on one knee, serenades, and so on.

Men put up with this because of the rewards that come later. Not because they are intrinsically romantic.

They do it for you.

Men just want sex, sandwich, and peace.

Very simple.

The capacity of men to be bored is very low, and men love routines. On the other hand, women hate routines and want drama in their lives – women single-handedly made 50 Shades of Grey gross millions of dollars. Women are also the ones that make romance novels among the top forms of fiction. If you don’t create drama in a managed environment, the women will create it for themselves, and you may not want that.

Discerning men of means, take the initiative and create this drama for their women in the form of lavish events, seaside dinners under the stars, gifts, and so on – anything to cause an intense emotional reaction from their women.

Men don’t care about flowers, candle-lit dinners, and other BS.

They do it for you.

To believe men are romantic is like a shopkeeper believing that people like paying for stuff they need.



Feminism has taught women that they can have it all. So they prioritize education, and after education, they focus on their careers, and when they are in their late 30s or 40s, they now say they want to settle. By that time, the men have settled with young ladies who could get into their program. Nobody wants to deal with the bossy spinsters with high notch counts and a fast mouth. So they start moaning about how men are insecure and can’t date successful women blab bla bla.

But they are just old. Nobody is telling them this.

You will never meet twenty-year-olds complaining about men. It is always women in their late 30s and 40s who nobody is willing to wife up. Instead of looking in the mirror, they point and sputter about men. Men this, men that, until they foam in the mouth. Yet, their biological clock has run its course. Tomi Lahren made her “Men are trash” video in her late twenties. She couldn’t compete with the twenty two, twenty three years old who were entering the sexual market place.

The primary agency for women is their sexuality (this is tied with their beauty, fitness, and age). Not their careers or degrees. That is what determines their sexual marketplace value. A woman is at her peak between 21 and 27. From 28, the epiphany hits her, and she realizes her beauty is declining. By the time she is in her 40s, well….
Anyway, your age matters. Let nobody lie to you. Don’t waste your youth thinking you will cheat age.


This is another one that causes ongoing insecurities in women. This lie is dutifully transmitted because it protects women from taking responsibility. It insulates women from any blame so it’s a sweet, sweet lie.

It’s a myth taught by movies like Waiting to Exhale, Sex and the City, The Colour Purple, and other movies that cast men in poor light – basically to pander to women – Tyler Perry has made a fortune from this.

For sure, men who can’t find peace at home will find it elsewhere.

Count on it.

Because of women’s solipsism, women in struggling relationships are often unable to examine themselves in an objective light.

Women are fundamentally unable to see how they jeopardize their relationships by behaving poorly and giving their men a rough time. For this reason, female dating coaches like Rebecca Lynn Pope and April Mason quit advising women: they said that women are too delusional and entitled to take relationship advice.

Modern women are programmed to blame their men and adopt the victimhood position.

Because of this, they are unable to submit and be cooperative, which is why you find men stepping out. Recall that you both have viscous innards, so it’s not about that unless you deny them conjugal rights – or other things like body odour and stuff – which are uncommon.

And it is not about mara skin colour, weaves, the size of their behinds, make-up, etc. – those are deflections.

It is always about the software: your character.

And that is something no woman is willing to place under a microscope. Accountability is like kryptonite to most modern women.

Men with submissive and cooperative wives look forward to going home to enjoy the warmth and beauty.

Feminine energy has a comforting quality.

No sane man can ever abuse that.

Furthermore, because they get bored quickly, many women lose respect and attraction to men who are drama-free and who are “perfect.”

They start treating them disrespectfully and giving them shit tests to test their masculinity. Many men, unable to put up with nagging and drama, are hounded out of their quiet lives to the arms of comforting and drama-free women.

Men of means, of course, build their man caves and stay away from the negative energy. But not every man can build a man cave. Your typical Joe will go to a club and nurse a drink as he sightlessly watches mindless reruns of games.
Sally over there will spot him. She is wearing a top with a neckline so deep, it can tutor Philosophy. She will take note of his slumped shoulders, deep sighs, and droopy looks. He will look around and their eyes will meet.
Sally will adjust her bra to make her cleavage pop. Then she will come over to his table with her drink.
She will lean forward, biting her lower lip. His eyes will reflexively find her ample assets. He will muffle a gasp and look up. She will hold his gaze and smile.
Then they will start a conversation.

Game over.

Look in the mirror.

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