Five Cops Arrested Over Robbery With Violence, Theft of KSh1,030 In Ruiru. Akili Ndogo Kama Za Kuku

[SIZE=5]One of the officers took charge of the man’s mobile, demanded his pin number and transferred Sh1,030 to another subscriber[/SIZE]

Five police officers were Tuesday evening arrested over claims of robbery with violence while enforcing the Covid-19 pandemic curfew rules.

The constables of police are said to have arrested a man on August 12 within Ruiru Township for violating the curfew rules and handcuffed him.

One of the officers took charge of the man’s mobile, demanded his pin number and transferred Sh1,030 to another subscriber.

According to the complainant, the officer later transferred the money to another mobile phone and deleted the Mpesa message.

“This was to prevent me from sending the same to 456 for reversal,” said the complainant.


Kiambu county police commander Ali Nuno said when he saw the complaint on social media, he launched an investigation which took him to the offices of the mobile phone service provider.

“We confirmed there was an element of robbery. They had handcuffed this man and while armed they took away his mobile phone and transferred his money to their numbers,” he said.
Nuno said the matter had been taken to court where they obtained orders to scrutinize the officers’ mobile numbers as part of the investigations.

The police commander later led other senior officers to Ruiru police station Tuesday where the five officers who were on duty that day were arrested.

He said the group will be charged with the offence of robbery with violence contrary to section 295 as read with section 296 (2) of the Penal Code upon completion of investigations.

Hawana akili hawa watu.

bloody mazafakas

Let me hope they transferred the amount between booking and releasing time, when the owner of the phone was still in the cells.

thugs in uniform. recruitment of cops has to be reviewed

Hapa ata kama ulikuwa unawahonga unawageuzia

Bait wanakula sawasawa

Polisi wakenya GANGSTERS.


elfu moja inakuharibia kazi

Pale block J ghasia will have a tough time. Kazi itakuwa crew okota sabuni haitajiokota.:D:D:D. tears of joy.

Ata mimi waliniibia mia tano. Wacha nikumbuke siku niwashtaki

si elfu mmoja, they have been doing that for decades

They are Soo [COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]DUMB [COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]they thought by deleting the transaction they won’t be found out

That crime carries with it mandatory death sentence once convicted. Ngori.

Nuno is a cold blooded killer, kama huyo ndo mkubwa wao, I’m not surprised.

This is not an indication of cops stupidity, its an indication of how blatant they have become and the extent of the rot

kuna time
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