Fitness- get rid of body fat

To me, the hardest thing to do is get rid of the subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat is a layer of fat that’s right under the skin of a person, which is 90% of all body fat. In many sports and health centers, you can measure the amount of this type of fat. Long thought out ways to reduce it - reducing fast carbohydrates and ““empty”” calories and regular high-intensity exercise - will help.
Subcutaneous fat protects the body from hypothermia, stores energy in case of hunger (cells can store a huge amount of energy), in women it is designed for pregnancy and lactation, has amortization properties.
The accumulation of subcutaneous fat depends on sex (women always have more than men), age (increases with age, decreases in old age) and eating habits (increases with hypodynamy and overeating). Excess accumulation of subcutaneous fat in the hips of women increases the risk of diseases of the reproductive system and varicose veins.
It is subcutaneous fat that is accused of cellulite, which is a completely normal structure of subcutaneous fat in women and depends on the number of female sex hormones, the structure of connective tissue in women. Cellulitis completely doesn’t need treatment from a medical point of view. The presence of cellulite belongs to the female gender, and its absence indicates the prevalence of male sex hormones.

Thanks so much for the useful video. I’m not a specialist but based on my experience i only started losing weight in healthy way after i started get enough sleep with doing sports and that’s all back to my fitness specialist when she told me to do a lot of work out every morning and go jogging in the afternoon because it helps for the perfect shape and keeps me healthy to have nice skin. Also recommend me to sleep enough and use Resurge, i think it’s safe because it’s organic you can check it here: . and i think it was the secret to losing weight.

Reduce your sugar intake if you can’t give it up. When it comes to sugar, it’s essential to know the measure. Believe me, giving up sugar is the fastest way to lose weight. The first thing you have to realize is that 90% of your food contains sugar, and this little monster contributes generously to gaining excess weight. No one can completely get rid of sugar - and you don’t have to! Consuming natural sugar is natural for the body, but refined sugar is unhealthy. Some people find it helpful. But a private clinic helped me at I had fat removal surgery. Let me tell you, I am thrilled that it was successful.