First woman to be executed in 60 years in the US

So Lisa Montgomery is scheduled to be executed January 12, 2021. We all know with every criminal case and sentencing, we are going to have people who support the sentence and some that don’t. This woman strangled a pregnant woman and cut the unborn baby from the womb of her victim. There are a few things I take into consideration when deciding whether I support a sentence or not. For this particular case. I have to support the sentence for these reasons.

— Despite ones mental health, behavior is .always a choice. She knew there would be consequences for her actions.
—The death sentence is incorporated into our laws as punishment for certain crimes. She was tried and found guilty by peers in accordance with the law. We have to be consistent with our law and if the punishment fits the crime, then it needs carried out.

If she had a psychological problem, she may not have been in control of her behavior. In fact in the US if you commit a murder and they find you were not mentally competent, they sentence you for life in an institution and not jail.
But it’s a gruesome crime.