I have nothing against betting. All the people in that hustle/struggle know what they are signing up for and that ni pata potea. My only worry is that with the upsurge in betting in the country and it proving profitable some nefarious elements may just hijack the industry. The knock-on effects are scary if you’ve read Raj Perumal’s “Kelong Kings”. That man is believed to have actually fixed World Cup qualifiers and even influenced Kenyan matches. How long before betting syndicates veer into criminal territory and view influencing matches as more profitable than actual sporting results and entertainment value? The current monetary benefits to football players and clubs are paltry to say the least. Why would someone like Olunga turn down 1M in clean cash from betting syndicates invested in a result to fix a game when he gets paid crap by his team?

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We shall cross the Bridge when we get there.

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Are you a betting man? Reading requests for prediction threads and actual anxiety by talkers during live matches makes me feel . These are talkers putting actual monney on events they think are based on skill and sporting effort. When the matches are fixed to milk them it just becomes unfortunate

city,arsenal,Madrid wacha tu…

As long as betting companies are paying taxes,I feel nothing for them. You can never tell with certainty that team A will win unless at the end of the game thus they already are candidates of being conned from the word go. Wacha waliwe mapeni

Kwani hujawai skia club ime-deductiwa points due to betting scandals? Locally though bado tuko far.

Match fixing is as old as prostitution in most sports.

the fines and jail terms involved sio mchezo its not rampant as you think esp in big leagues labda turkey greece n italy madivision 2&3…kenya matchfixing by a local ni ngumu juu bookies za huku has a max of 20k per bet odds mingi za kenya unaeza kula ni 3 for a draw that makes a profit of only 40k utapea olunga ngapi?? unless ni international bookies wenye hawana limit you can bet with a mill get 2m in profit give olunga 500k n you close biz


Match fixing exists just check them on facebook.Even big matches including the epl:confused::confused::confused:

kuna mmoja anauza 13000 odds mia

Hyo haiwesmake hehe:D:D