First savostore experience.. A timeline

Feb 19th Ordered item on amazon
Feb 28th Amazon delivered to savostore
March 8th Savostore ships item and invoices me
March 17th item arrives at Nairobi office, ready for collection
Verdict :
Smooth transaction, no hidden charges
Kentex billed me more for an item ten times lighter and the shipment protection at savostore is optional.
Cautiously recommend (first time luck?)
Let me ship in more items and see

Niaje sales rep wa savo

Where is their office

Very efficient 1,500 per kg

Halafu kentex wako na ukora. U ship 3 items instead of consolidating them to one item. And you bought from same store. Watakitumia different days ndio ulipe ile minimum charge ya 1 kg. Thats how i ditched them ukora mingi.

Hawa wako na ofisi tao CBD ama you have to go looking for them in unknown stores.

Wako westi muthithi road mitsumi business park 3rd floor.

Mombasa Road just past airtel. Though you can have your package delivered by local courier

Wanaweza kuship laptop from Amazon?

@Kilpatrick ships in less than two weeks. From China.

Yeah, 4-5 k landed cost. Optional shipment protection 3500

Come to me. I will bring all your items in one package via sea or air

Bila screen shots za notifications hii inakaa ad.

I can get you what you want from Amazon or from the manufacturer in china.

98% of items in Amazon are made in china then rebranded to American brands.

As in?

email notifications, na kwani na deal na multi handles

Too much trouble to take and post multiple emails. If it looks like an ad just avoid savostore, problem solved.

Kg una charge ngapi? How long will it take kufika kanaich.

@Kilpatrick nilishafanya biashara na yeye. Ako sawa. Imported my earphones in under a week if am not wrong. Avoided the taxman and stuff

Unatumia Rolling Cargo