First Line of Defense: Licensed To Carry

Under Kenyan law: Firearms Act (Cap. 114) Laws of Kenya - Applicants must be 21 years of age or older, pass a stringent background check for criminal activity, mental health and domestic violence, and state genuine reason(s) for their need to privately own and carry a firearm. Checks are regularly repeated, with failure to pass resulting in the immediate revocation of the license. Once licensed to own a gun, no additional permit is required to carry a concealed firearm.

You cannot own Semi-assault or assault rifles in Kenya or some sub-machine guns like the MP5.

You can own all kinds of Pistols and Shotguns… and then some.

First on the list for those you want to become licensed to carry owners is a Sig Sauer P320. A semi-auto pistol that fires 9mm rounds and the best part about this is the number of interchangeable mods you can add on this weapon like the laser dot and blinding flashlight. It’s an easy weapon to learn how to use and used widely by law enforcement agencies. And you’ll need constant training so you can be sharp at all times in times of crisis… Once you become accustomed to this weapon you can upgrade to a P226 which is used by the Navy Seals…

For females who want to also learn how to become a licensed firearm holder and want to purchase a weapon. I’d recommend the Sig Sauer p250 a very compact weapon you can hide in your handbags. And when you’re in a dangerous situation like we saw in Riverside or during a robbery this type of weapon could come in handy… Again you’ll need many hours of training so you can become confident and use the weapon in a safe manner.

If you’re a big baller and big boy. Then I can recommend the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 this just a 9mm pistol that is shaped like a semi-automatic rifle. It’s a perfect weapon for having in your house or car to defend yourself from thieves or terrorists. It comes with lots of modification like laser sight dot, extended mags, grip, a long barrel extendo, etc. You’ll need hours of training and experience to be able to properly handle this weapon.

The next weapon which kind falls in the gray area but who knows it could fly. Is the cugir or otherwise known as the Micro Draco. A small powerful semi-auto pistol and submachine gun from Romania that can clear rooms with rapid quickness. It fires 7.62 rounds which would disqualify private usage but for police officers who walk around with those heavy AK-47’s this an okay replacement when working within the city. Since it has such a low profile since it comes with a collapsed gun stock which is perfect for patrol duties if one comes under fire from criminals and terrorists.

This post is to educate and inform people who want to become a licensed gun owner. And want to be responsible, respectable with the ability to defend themselves and property with proper guidelines and safety using weapons. So if shit ever goes perpendicular who can make it horizontal…

We used to be told that you need to be a millionaire to own a gun. Is this still a myth

If they properly save then its possible.

Am protected by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Anyone with a reasonable income of say above 100k a month should be allowed to own a firearm without any hindrance. This upuzi ya only millionaires can own guns is text book discrimination by virtue of wealth.

So if some dude in a gated community with 24 hours security says he want a firearm for his safety the government approves his application but if a middle class earner in a lesser secure environment applies for the same it’s denied?! Blasphemy.

If the government feels it can safely give out guns to watchmen earning around 9k,it should be very comfortable extending the same privilege to the upper middle class. The right to bear arms should be a basic need to safeguarding one’s security and property. I wish I lived in America.

I don’t understand why the pokot, turkana and samburu have AKs and G3s yet the average Nairobian needs numerous documents to own a pistol.

The way people behave these days, guns are a big NO in my opinion.
People get little cash flow and the arrogance goes up the sky.
Contradictory, I still want a weapon since I have plans of moving into the wilderness, where I plan on building a home.

[ATTACH=full]221239[/ATTACH] i hear its made of kevlar


The scorpion is a police issue now so no access to civilians.

Even though its a pistol?

I’d illegally own one since its so compact and versatile.

What are looking for? Pistol, Shotgun? or rifle…

Just a pistol but legally when the time comes .

I am keen on pursuing a gun license and was keen on the P226, all I keep hearing is that it is expensive. Perchance do you have any clue how much one costs in Kenya? Any response towards this regard will be highly appreciated.