First Ladies of Africa

Lauriane Doumbouya of Guinea

Dominique Outtara of Ivory Coast

Sylvia Bongo Ondimba of Gabon

Are they wives No. 1 ?

a black man + white woman makes a very beautiful combination, there is a natural complementary feel. on the other hand, a sheboon like @TrumanCapote or @Nameberry1 with her stinking weave, high testosterone and baboon-like features with a white man is just fucking weird, a most pitiful sight


CIA agents

Na wewe na white man mnatengenezanga nini

With a white spouse an Africa gets social status and recognition, e.g in the family setting, a not too educated and not doing so well in life nyeuthi who has a muzungu spouse gets more “respect” from the entire family…more then the siblings who may be very successful in life.

Its how we are conditioned to think.


@TrumanCapote kwanza ana combination ingine kali ya stinking weave + rancid cocoa butter + omena breadth inaweza fanya ata nywele za nostrils ziyayuke. Noma sana lakini @Nameberry1 anatumia ile sabuni ya Panga Soap kama 20-in-1 yaani shampoo, body wash, laundry detergent, dish washing liquid, toothpaste, moisturiser, toilet cleaner, lube ya siegz etc.


So u have positively identified this is your sweetheart wa kijiji @miritiandes

Kula block ghaseer

Block me for what reason grow up

Naona mzungu hapo

Exactly. Lakini high level corporate black woman with a white man inakaanga poa.

Hii ya hawa peasant socialites ni umalaya imerembeshwa.

Unakulisha mwanamke block…:D:D:D kwani hii ni ile wiki yako ya kunyesha?

Huyo wa Dumbuoiya ni French Intelligence.

Wote wako na affiliation na Paris

Wanaitwa ‘minders’

Francophone niggas are the biggest house negros because France pursued an assimilation policy when colonizing Africa.

Nyeuthi ti ti ti ilikufia white skin yello yello badala fellow black beauty

Noma sana pia mi naona nikiplay my cards right naweza oa an upper middle class white kunguch niwe nacheza softball na vitu ka hizo with my Halle Berry looking mulatto watoi but I couldn’t give a rats ass about flexing on my mungich relas back home