First KK Scandal – 10 Birrions Only – Hii ni Ngori

Hasora amefanya.

Fresh from the oven.

KK comes to power and immediately abolishes maize subsidy. Mkulima no 1. comes up with this grand idea of importing feriiliser and distributing it to farmers at an affordable cost. The economic theory behind the plan is that the final price (to consumers) will reduce if the cost of production is addressed. Nothing fishy so far.

So, how does KK implement the plan? KNTC (Kenya National Trading Corporation), a dead parastatal, is identified as the company to implement the plan. Contract is awarded to Yara, a very big manufacturer of fertilisers, and ETG. Si mambo iko sawa? Surprise of surprises. No competitive bidding is done. Just single sourcing. First red flag. Here comes another mystery. Yara and ETG subcontract Mashambani Farm Inputs Eldoret Ltd. The subcontract is worth Kes 10.2 Birrions only. The contract for Yara is to supply 112, 700 Metric tonnes of fertiliser to KNTC and then KNTC sells the subsidized fertiliser to farmers. ETG is to supply KNTC with 130,000 tonnes of fertiliser. Apparently, this company also subcontracts Mashambani Farm Inputs Eldoret Ltd.

3 weeks after signging the contract, Mashambani Farm Inputs Eldoret Ltd receives some payment from KNTC. 320 mirrions is sent to one Alfred Rono. What is the money for? Packaging bags. uh, si mko na jokes?

But Mashambani Farm Inputs Eldoret Ltd was not expected to repackage the fertiliser. So why spent Kes 320 million on packaging bags? When contacted, the firm’s directors deny repackaging the fertiliser. It’s like they didn’t get the memo.

All this while, the fertiliser import is duty free. So, no taxes to KRA.

Juzi tu, JSKS praised the MD for KNTC for the good work she is doing. [MEDIA=twitter]1645752958921895936[/MEDIA]

Bei ya chakula ishuke basi. Ametenda ama hajatenda? Haya basi, miaka ingine 9 ya hasora.

tugege wanatafuna na meno kubwa…

After Ramadhan tunachoma Weston Hotel.

Maandamano inarudi with a vengeance.

In another 3 years Kenya will be back to the 80s and 90s.
Kazi ni kuvaa Sandak shoes na kupeleka nguo kwa tailor ziwekwe viraka while driving on pot holes and eating donated yellow maize.
But maybe that is what you need ndiyo mumee akili cum next election.

Pelekeni watoto ngambo kama mnajipenda

Kalenjins kalenjining, as usual. Sema Dynasty mbaya! Hasora tawala.:D:D:D:D. Tuanzie hapa chini siyo? :rolleyes::rolleyes:

That ship has sailed buana. Hii ni Nyayo season 2. Its sad that some of you think Ruto atatoka hapo after 10 years or less. You already f*cked up. By the time anatoka hapo utakuwa guka.

hio mtapigwa risasi