first job first pay

mkianza kuhustle job yako ya kwanza ulilipwa how much?

me ilikua kwa mchinku “attachment” nilipewa 4k miezi tatu after kujitetea nikaambiwa niende nikikaukanga.

Industrial area, 10K Kwa bahasha, it was fun no responsibility, just a token of appreciation to the parents and shopping for my grandmother, those days 500 shillings could fill a 50kg gunny bag with rice, sugar, unga and cooking fat.

Saudia mshande a paltry 18K after kubeba crates na ma-box in 50° weather.

walai io ni slaveryo_O

7k pale dawanol ruaka after kuosha gari zote za dawanol

80 bob a day, 1999, two years out of high school, worked half-day fixing bicycles, attended Strath in the evening.

9thao na masoo kadha hapo juu… kufanya usafi na vitu zingine

  1. Kazi likuwa kufanya stock ya pombe na pia kufanya order kwa bar fulani huko uptown.

4k — Mwalimu wa Math, Physics, history & Business studies

200kes daily kubeba 90kg bags of floor. Offloading 6 trailers a day.
Shit was crazy

200 per day to attend Jakom’s ralies in Nairobi and cause havoc. Semeni Tibiim!!!

Started at Sh 250 per day, then I was ‘promoted’ after a week to Sh 400. 1997 right after high school, working for the Electoral Commission of Kenya. I can’t even remember how many months I worked- there was voter registration, then register verification, some other duties in between, and finally the General Elections. Opened my first bank account Post Bank ya Tom Mboya St (hapo kwa Fire Brigade). Didn’t do anything significant with the money. In 1998 when I was in college I ran errands for one of my dad’s friends who had an office on Biashara St, and also did a few clerical duties for another friend in Cianda House. I didn’t have a fixed pay between the 2 gigs, whatever amount they had, but it was ok then because I didn’t have any expenses other that partying. Damn! I’ve been working for long!!!

Thanks for reminding me that I also tutored high schoolers - biology, physics, swahili and kiingereza (literature) between August and Nov of '97.

8500 in 2007. Then after two months I got an increment to 10K. I was balling. Housing and food was provided for. That was deep in W. Pokot.

On top of that my boss was a hommie, so I got marupurupu for running errands ie running errands in his Rav4 to Kapenguria and Makutano… hehehhe… I fckda huge number of kunguru then even bibi as watu!! I was king!!

350K plus other benefits, this is for the Short hauls. KQ. If they paid for your type rating, it went lower. Resigned (after getting the much sought after jet hours) because it’s a joke compared to the much greener pastures out there.

/-70 per day back in '95 working as a Fundi’s assistant (Kada ya moko)
My dad’s project and he had convinced the Contractor to employ me straight out of fourth form.
He also demanded that I pay for my upkeep by contributing towards the food shopping and paying for my own clothes.
Thanks for the Life Lessons dad.

Life is unfair. Surely money cannot buy brains. Sad!

20k aweek ‘dating’ sugar mummies. saved enough to buy 2 cars.
moja nafanyisha uber

I learnt the ropes of the job, 1 year later, it led to a promotion, mshande ilipanda mpaka 60K, 8 months later promotion ingine, mshande ikapanda mpaka 120K.

Yaani ulikuwa Maraya??

30K doing driving work. After three months started making 50k and so every 3 months I’d get a 20K increment made so much money and lost so much of it shame.

These days I make 120k a week…