First Haiti Victim..?

Is this the first victim of Mr. Barbecue…???


The family of the late Walter Nyamata , a senior Kenyan Inspector of Police officer who passed away in Washington DC in the US in February en-route to Haiti mission , is now demanding answers from the Kenyan Government.

According to the official account , Nyamata , who was part of a team conducting a reconnaissance mission for the Kenya-Haiti deployment initiative died in the US en-route Haiti.

Until his demise , Nyamata served as a personal assistant to Deputy Inspector General Noor Gabow and was part of the entourage that was sent for a pre-mission to Haiti.

"His father , speaking to a media outlet, highlighted that the government had yet to provide explanations regarding the circumstances surrounding the death of their relative.

According to the father , the authority has failed to provide the autopsy report , findings of the autopsy or the death certificate of the officer who was involved in Haiti mission.

The family further revealed that the brother of the descended who currently resides in the US , was also prevented from viewing the body.

Something seems funny with this story

  • why prevent family from viewing the body
  • where did the deceased actually die
  • why is the autopsy report , autopsy findings or death certificate a secret.
  • what is the government hiding from the family and public

Assuming , the “Advance Party” of the Kenyan Contingent is already in Haiti …

Were they part of the recent abortive operation 3 days ago , to try and capture Mr. Barbecue that failed so miserably and resulted in the deaths of so many Haitian Policemen …???

We urgently need some answers from Mr. Kindiki

Until you hear otherwise
Score One for Mr. Barbecue !!!..:joy::rofl:

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They say he died in Sodom, but nobody knows FOSHO!

Maybe alikufia haiti the was shipped to Sodom to fool brianless Kenyan Cattle.


Mr Medic @rexxsimba
Toxicology reports usually take 8 weeks, and a cause of death cannot be established before then, in cases of unnatural deaths. Therefore an autopsy report can’t be issued.

I am referencing the ones that were done in the USA

They are far more credible , accurate and efficiently processed by real professionals …

The ones done here are often subject to untruths , bungling , political direction ( as in this case) and assorted manipulation

Particularly by Kenyan Government Pathologists

Remember what the former Chief Pathologist , Dr. Jason Kaviti , once told us how Hon: Dr: Robert Ouko ( RIP) had died …???

Bure Kabisa …:rage::fire:

Autopsy reports done in the US take 8 weeks minimum due to toxicology reports. That’s how long testing takes, for deaths that are not due to natural or immediately available causes.