First encounter

My first experience with a lanye was pale Kikuyu town on my first year.
Quick background info I have been an introvert and watched lots of porn pale highschool and always fantasized of s*x.

So on my first year after helb money kijana was feeling rich,nkaingia Nairobi hot and I called this escort with a shaky voice…asked if age was an issue I was timid back then,she said no and guided me to kikuyu hapa nyuma ya KWFT
Shot 500 wish I knew of Rico n akina Amar back then.i had done some research and bought over the counter Viagra… one tablet 100 si kutaka kujiaibisha.Kufika I was not disappointed she was thick as f*CK big bum.
.kuona paja I was rock hard…I was skinny back then mpaka anauliza “ukizoea hizi matako kubwa si utakataa hawa wasichana wadogo”…first shot nilicum I couldn’t believe she was reasonable atleast she was moaning with each stroke…shot ya pili I couldn’t cum don’t know if ni ju ya the blue …but I had a good time a solid almost 40min…left the place all smiles this was an achievement…hold still for yet more escapades

So your classification of achievement is between a woman’s thighs?




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This lady started to share her story with me. Her hubby is a very busy man, has given her everything, but has no time for her (huh). She told me that for the last 10yrs + she had been married, she has never cheated on her man, but for the first time, she made it apparent to me that that she wanted to become physically intimate with me and me only. I asked her if her man has ever cheated on her but tol me that she has never caught him.

I might have appeared cool to her coz we didnt have chicks with us. I also remember telling her that i have never had an affair and i dont like this young chick, and that most of them are mannerless… they would call you in the middle of the night. All that while, she refused to take a drink from us and shortly after, she then told me to see her off. When we went out, she told me that she wanted to kiss me one more time and this time, inside her car. We hoped in and started kissing. I unbuttoned her blouse and i started massaging the two 32D firm water melons. I kissed her nipples, then her lips before moving to her firm boobs. My tongue rimmed her nipples as she cried in ecstasy. I unbuttoned her trouser and pulled it down to the knee level and started working on her cunt with my fingers.

‘Finger fuck me hun…hard and dont stop… uuuuu eeehhh aaahhh make me cum…’ she begged me. I was beginning to worry that we would attract attention of other revellers outside but was loving the whole show, so i continued as if we were in a room. When the heat was too much for me handle anymore, i push the seat back as far as it could go and I slid over to the driver’s side and got on my knees, made her open her legs wide, pulled my jeans down and positioned my dick to her waiting hot pussy. I drove my 9 inch and hard whooper into her and I slid all the way into her and started fucking her from that uncomfortable position.

‘Fuck me hard mnesh… fuck me hard baby!!!’ She cried. She was so that i shot into this chick far deep and straight. After relaxing for few minutes and chatting over this and that, we dressed up and i got out of her car and headed back to the club, mad with myself for what i had just done.

To cut the long story short, today, she’s has been calling me since 2PM, she wants more action… after job in a more comfortable environment. She said to me that she had never had such a brief fling and felt like it that in her life. That is what Munene’s dick can do.

I do respect the institution of marriage… not with a married woman … again, but am like unable to fight this. Its pretty hard to swallow, you know…

Now i want to know how many of you have had a fling with a married woman??..(for chicks, forget about married men. I know you do it every

Sounds like dump from Literotica

hahahahah…picture it slowly…you are lying there upepanua 180, then all the niccur sees is the mukonyo and goes ahead to hump it…and then anamwaga unga!!!..ndikwenda…!!!