First culture shock in Europe-woke up today naambiwa Kenya is now 3 hours ahead and not 2 hours.

Interesting to find that at 10PM in summer there is daylight!

Have you travelled anywhere past Africa? Otherwise I’d advice you to just keep quiet juu unajiaibisha

Nyakinyua leta till number nikutupie za kuni. Naskia gas na token hazishikiki. Very expensive Hadi zimekuwa reserved for ultra rich.

Wacha nitafute…nikubaya sana, energywise. And of course everything else has gone up…infact it is good that I taught myself to live on the frugal side of life as an enemy of food wastage…and so chopped the household weekly shopping budget to bare necessities.
We are all dreading the long harsh winter months ahead.

Google daytime saving uwache kutusumbua na umeffi