First Compact Disc Bought non-pirate edition

…which was your first album bought with own money? Mine were…
[ATTACH=full]160377[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]160378[/ATTACH]

Now that’s a classic.


One of the best investments I ever made.

I’ve never owned an original(non-pirated) cd but in 1999, I was the only one with the original tape album “love ,peace & Nappiness” ya lost boyz in our hood. the real hip-hop.

You, my friend, got taste…haikuanza juzi na avatar yako:)

There’s a hekaya behind this choice I’m sure…you OBVIOUSLY owe the village a hekaya.

My siz alikuwa straight kunishinda she bought these from Nakumatt…




Hii nilibuy ikiwa tape, sidhani nimewai buy album ya CD Origi…



My first was a cassette: Flesh of my Flesh, Blood of my Blood by DMX. But if you’re talking about CDs… the first I ever bought was this:

Too bad it no longer plays… niliiscratch kama DJ.

I guess it’s okay to include hata 78s na reel to reel coz our senior citizens @Abba & @FieldMarshal CouchP watafeel left out.

First Original I bought… Pale Assanands Moi Avenue… I still remember the purchase… During school holidays… The mighty good feeling that you bought music legit… Unwrapping that polythene paper… Reading the Original sleeve… Mmhh

Yep…we all need to bring back this feeling coz digital music got no soul.

Damn good feeling.

Backstory on this?

I learned how to play the guitar at a tender age…because of her.


You are old!

Of course I am. I outdo you in both age and intellect.