First Car

To Elders who have had motorvehicles. What was your first car? At what age did you purchase it? How much was it? And mwisho roughly how long did it take to save or what was the percentage of the cost to your yearly income at the time?

Rule of thumb ni less than 20% annual income is what your car should be worth.

where do you get these figures from? So those who owns vizt earns (600K*100/20) i.e 3 million annually

To most of us, the first buying a car remains to be the most expensive commitment if not a house. So, take your time and do your research well.
Hope you get something that fits your needs.

Toyota, when I decided I need a car…age does not matter.

Which rule of thumb is this huh? Just look at your tobacco stained thumbs and tell us Mr. Car Advisor

Age of 27. This is my third year now driving it.
Was my first ever big purchase in my life given that it is in the same Year nilipata hio kazi ingeweza ninunulia gari. I just had to buy a car first before anything else because was almost going nuts due to the burning desire to own one. Took some loan though kujazia hio gari, it wasn’t much, cleared it in a year.

Wewe fanya tu hesabu yako vizuri, kama inaingiana nunua gari. Usiogope. Gari huwa na expenditure kidogo Sana especially if it is Japanese na iko in best shape ukichukua. Ile convenience hukupa by far outweighs its monthly expenditure

Ngoja tu, wanakam sahii. Si unajua tu ile mbogi ya maguta maguta

Yeah, he should be dreaming of buloti mafuta mafuta first and the car can come later in life. Thank me in 2030.

:D:DNawangojea sana

Round hii hatutambui buroti. Nunua he-goats 100 at 4K as early as now. That’s 400k. Ikigonga November anza kutangaza proper, sell the goats at 9k each, ikifika Dec panda bei to 11k. Siongei tena

Wanted to raise the same point. Hajaskia those earning more than Sh100,000 accounted for 2.9 percent of the 2.92 million formal workers captured in the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) database last year? Now see how many cars are on our roads? Am not disregarding those under informal employment. Wangapi wanaweka profit ya 100k per month na wanasustain for years?
Gari is not an every day purchase. Real smart (read DIY practitioners) cannot spend upwards from 50k to maintain even a Prado 120 series (assuming that you are not replacing tires in that particular year). Watu wa vitz akiweka shocks and tires inabakisha service ya 2k each 5000km. Usiongee fuel. Pesa kidogo.

He he he he. I like that. Nothing prevents you from buying beberus if u own a car.

Makes sense.

Hangechukua hiyo loan banae

Nunua VW Golf @1.6 m show room price pale DT Dobie …mali safi sana

Well, your handle explains your comment


Hii gari inaendaga ikiuma matope

Be very careful not to fall for this scam.