First car maneno

I’m about to buy my 1st car and I’m torn between going for a 2006 Avensis and a 2011 Honda Fit (1500cc rs something ver.)
I’m looking for the best value for my money given the very obvious trade-offs here.
Wakenya, if you could weigh in here

Kwa avensis, what capacity, alafu ni diesel ama petrol. Very big comparison apa depending na ni gari ya kuendea mboga ama ni ya kukimbizana na mraia ukiingia ocha

For the avensis, it’s a 1800cc petrol.

Use of the car would be very localised, though 350km+ trips ever other week wouldn’t be out of the question.

Then the avensis it is, although 2L ingekua more ideal. If you’re a complete newbie then have someone check the car for you before uichukue. Usikue ume inherit tushida twa mtu mwingine.

Avensis huwa na gearbox issues. Why? Because all Avensis owners i know huwa kila saa kwa mechanics wakilia gearbox

Nunua hip fit ,hako kagari kana space na Ni very reliable .

Avensis 1800cc isnt bad, but has lower quality build than premio/allion sharing the same engine.
the avensis with prolematic trans is 2.0L or something close to that.

if its a first car - FIT anytime! Its newer and will serve you for longer before issues starting coming up.

Stay away from Avensis for now…

judging by the number of Honda fits I’ve seen moving around and not in garages, I’d go for the Honda fit

This being the main reason I’m considering it… Plus the negative sentiments against Avensis are surfacing from every corner

I have never understood hii mentality ya kufix gearbox, especially autos. Gearbox ikileta shida, nunua exjapan gearbox ingine. Very few people if any can successfully fix a gearbox

My advice, buy a 2012 ex-japan vehicle that you will use for more than a year bila issues as you learn more about car parts and what it takes to keep one in tip top shape.

Honda fit…
Avensis ni meffi

if he really needs to learn about cars then he should buy the older one. more problems more lessons just my two cents

Avensis ni gari jinga sana!

Buying a 2006 car just sounds like a very stupid idea.

If its a first car go for the honda fit…avensiz itakupea shida za gearbox

Honda Fit hoiyee , i own one though ni GD1 but it serves me well 16,000kms later.

Go for the Fit.