‘First black Defense Secretary in 200 years’: Biden officially picks retired Gen. Lloyd Austin to head Pentagon

Democratic presumed president-elect Joe Biden has nominated former General Lloyd Austin as Secretary of Defense, despite Austin having retired from the service just four years ago – meaning he’ll need a congressional waiver.
Biden officially announced Austin as his pick for Defense Secretary on Wednesday, calling the former general “the right person for this job…at this moment in our nation’s history.

Austin, a four-star general, would be “the first African-American at the helm of the Defense Department in well over 200 years,” Biden continued. While it’s true Austin would be the first black defense secretary, there was no Defense Department 200 years ago.


Don’t just call him Biden… call him Mzito Biden

Super excited. A count down to the big day soon.

Easy how blacks are duped. Give one of them a job and they kiss your ass.

This was a master political hat trick to win over the niggers and ensure they don’t give Biden a hard time.

this is a token black leader… mtapewa tokens mpaka lini

Virtue signaling on steroids. Meanwhile, nothing will change for the black inner city communities.

You know u don’t have to find fault in everything. Going by his experience isn’t he qualified for the job? Why would u then reduce his appointment to race. And what does his appt have to do with inner cities?

After what happened in May-June, EVERYTHING is about race. Don’t pretend that you don’t know what’s going on. Race is the most important qualifier.

Just having a Negro in that position has enough “feel good” beneficial effect for blacks globally.

Now i heard kuna kitu inaitwa military/industrial “cartels” he will probably faithfully execute their agenda,

Lmao… He’s a useful tool for the military industrial complex. Sits on the board of Raytheon - one of the biggest defence companies - was a commander of the Iraqi invasion forces and head of Centcom.
Expect an escalation of wars.

a political game, ni kama tu Kenya, give a tribal lord a position and the minions think you’re together despite wallowing in poverty.
kila mtu husema bora mtu wao yuko juu sahizo you’re sleeping hungry.

Mediocrity… is synonymous with the african race

No need to argue with others na wewe uko kwa ground ndio unajua. Most people just watch CNN so you are doing yourself a disservice engaging them. What happened in May-June?

Floyd happened and now the greatest currency is virtue signaling the black community. They rode on that fake ideology to steal the election and get Trump out of office…

At the entrance of the facility where I work, there’s a huuuuge sign which states, “X (name of the hospital) stands with the black community against racism and injustice.” But it’s just talk, I tell you white Democrats are the worst scum bags ever. Nothing will ever change in terms of tangible improvement for black folk but the lip service is being poured out in heavy doses. This country disgusts me so much. There’s no other country that is insanely OBSESSED with race than America. Nobody looks at you as a person first, you’re black, black, black…what were you saying again?? You’re black. It’s like a curse. I’m only here for the money, believe me. Once I make enough of it nahama like yesterday. I pray for the GREAT RESET to happen soon, so I can have a legit excuse to leave quickly.

What capacity did Colin Powell serve?

As Secretary of State

George Floyd was killed when a Republican was President, ama?? It is not like Trump particularly likes Black people. Has it occurred to you that most of his lawsuits have involved throwing out votes from predominantly black counties?

You have me confused here. On one hand you mourn Trump’s loss, and then on the other hand, you blast dems for getting him out of office.

I think Amerika has always (and will always) have a race problem; just like Kenya and its tribalism. But you do not see Uhuru get up at a mike or use his twitter account to preach hate against a particular tribe or religious group. Like a leader should, Uhuru steers the ship in safe waters. I hope that Americans will learn from the Trump error that a divisive and hateful leader can bring even an old democracy (such as the US) to the abyss. No president in recent times has divided Americans on racial and religious lines as Trump has. The tragedy is that he is not driven by his love for America, or a desire to uplift “his people”; but rather to fulfill the self serving thirst of an overblown ego. The other tragedy is that otherwise reasonable people like you (Purple) are afflicted by this insidious and mentally debilitating cult like “Trump worshippiosis” syndrome. Anybody that blindly worships that conniving, lying, hateful and divisive racist SOB needs their head examined!!!

But America was built on the back of “race”! You are acting like a revisionist!

Ni kujipanga my friend. Blacks have proven to be a reliable voting block are getting rewarded. And Republicans are all up in arms about it. But the real issue is good old mbesha. If u look at the map from the last election inakuonyesha the parts of the country that are on a decline. And what do you know…they voted Republican. Shafting is being served with equal opportunity to both blacks and whites by the boys n girls in Washington & New York.

I now understand ur fears purple. I feel the pain blacks undergo in that sick nation, may God help you make more and when you land in vumbistan come 2030,i will personally sell You a developed land in kitui county where you will live like a queen with no fear or racism :wink: