Firefox Getting Killed. Too Many reCAPTCHA tests When Using Firefox

Firefox is slowly dying and it’s sad. I’ve always used Firefox but nowadays browsing the Google infested web with Firefox is a pain. YouTube is slower, Gmail is slower, Outlook is slower, and you will get tones more reCAPTCHA tests while browsing with firefox that any of the many Chromium-based browsers.

Here is a short video of what I mean. Firefox v95 vs Microsoft Edge v99. I’m logged into Google in both browsers and the have the same extensions. When using Edge I always pass the robot test it seems.

I don’t think Firefox can compete with both Google Chrome and MS Edge. It’s sad but this is death by a thousand cuts.


Having the same nasty experience with Firefox, more so when I am using a VPN

Personally I left mozilla when they advocated for censorship. From this thread it looks like I made the right decision.

Mozilla for me only has one thing going for it. The hugely customizable new tab page. It allows you to pin site shortcuts exactly where you want them. On everything else MS Edge seems to have firefox beat.

Watu wa yahoo na bing dot com tukae wapi?

I love Mozilla for the variety of add ins to download any stuff…
but it is becoming clunky of late

Moved to brave, no regrets !

I prefer chromium based browsers. Because I use lots of addons, the Chrome addon community is large and it serves it purposes well. Its been a very long time since I used Firefox. I use Brave & slimjet. I also have Sea monkey (a cousin to firefox) for reasons best known to me :slight_smile:

which reasons are these??

shida za firefox zilianza 2014 when the then current CEO alitukana homosexuals… he was forced to resign but hizi shoga haziwai samehea firefox

I use Firefox and I’ve noticed the same. I get reCAPTCHA prompts every time I Google using a Private Tab/Window at home. If I do the same at the office, they (Google) don’t present me with reCAPTCHA. Seems third-party ISPs at the estates are the problem in that particular case. If I happen to use a VPN, I’ll get reCAPTCHA regardless of how or where I browse from.

I can’t bring myself to use the console on Chromium browsers. I hate it.

You’re using poor quality proxies/vpns

Firefox was the ish back in 2014 and before. Sjui walirogwa na nani around 2015 going forward na hawajawai recover. It’s been years since I moved on to Chrome then to Edge.

Inakaa inahide or deletes porn sites after visiting them


How did they fail to transition to phone?

What a sneaky way to generate traffic to some lesser known website!

Nothing goes past you Mr. too clever by half. That’s a site from PSARips ad rabbit hole.

My point exactly. PSARips is not as huge as you seem to think. The redirects are aweful and way too many, nothing to do with Firefox “dying”.

Dude… WTF? Stop overthinking this shit. If you disagree that FF isn’t dying that’s fine --argue from that point. I only just mentioned PSArips to show you this isn’t about the inconsequential site in the video; the post has nothing to do with what you think it does. You overthought and missed the point entirely.