Fintech data

Hey guys, how can one make sense or rather monetize fintech data such as customers contact list, with facebook you can target those users with ads, but which ads and in what offering can go well with such data. I have a ton of fintech data, i want to make sense of it even if it means starting something new with it


What variables (datasets) are in it?

Customers mobile numbers, names, amount they borrowed

kuwa mjanja. kopesha watu pesa.

Acha kuiba data ya debt collection firm unafanyia kazi wewe:D:D:D

Anyway, that dataset is completely useless for advertising. Not are you only dealing with broke people, but segmentation of that dataset into useful variables is impossible. Utabaki unatumia pastor message za pombe etc etc.

Maybe their brokeness is a problem that could be addressed, but until you said getting useful viariables from it is difficult is when i knew its difficult what i was thinking. But for such companies (Tala, Okash,Opesa) that could be a good data for their campaigns where that contact list could be uploaded on fb and get look alike audience, the once with similar interest to the list uploaded and then target those people.