Finland to join NATO tomorrow

Armchair analysts uwanja ni wenu on the implications


Swedes have long been respected as neutral country in any aggression. Why they look to join NATO, which is nothing short of an aggressor, is beyond me

Meanwhile Saudi Arabia and Algeria to join BRICS and further weaken the dollar on the global scene.

More oil and gas to be traded without the dollar

US economy to be overtaken

What are the chances of the USA taking democracy to Saudi?

Putin ametisha watu, while the Turkish strongman has managed to flex his thin muscles making it difficult for the swedes to join. But jungus will outfox him in the end.

Let NATO expand. The world’s sole defence against expansionist warmongers.

Japan breaks ranks with US, EU to start buying Russian crude oil
Tokyo: Japan has ditched the United States to purchase Russian crude oil above the $60-a-barrel cap, saying it needed it to ensure access to energy from Moscow.

The oil purchases by Japan represent a break in the US-led efforts to impose a global $60 per barrel cap on purchases of Russian oil. However, a report by The Wall Street Journal said Tokyo, which is Washington’s closest allies in Asia, got the US agree to the exception.

Most European nations stopped purchasing Russian oil in response to the invasion of Ukraine in February last year.

The G7 nations which include Japan and European Union and Australia, last year agreed to a $60 a barrel price cap on Russian seaborne crude oil to reduce Russia’s income from selling oil while preventing a surge in global prices.

The cap on price allowed non-EU nations to continue importing Russian crude oil but restricted shipping, insurance and re-insurance companies from handling cargoes of Russian crude around the globe, unless it is sold for below $60 a barrel.

What is the price at which Japan is buying Russian crude oil?

On 30 September last year, the EU nations granted an exception to the $60 a barrel cap for oil purchase by Japan.

In the first two months of this year, Japan purchased nearly 748,000 barrels of Russian oil for 6.9 billion yen, that translates to $52 million, or slightly lower than $70 a barrel.

Why is Japan buying crude oil from Russia?

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida last month made a surprise trip to Ukraine and met President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Also, Japan is the only G7 country that is not supplying lethal weapons to Ukraine.

Japan heavily relies on imports of energy as the Asian nation has almost none of its own fossil fuels. The WSJ report quoted some analysts saying that Japan’s dependency on Russia’s oil is due to the country’s hesitancy to fully back Ukraine against Vladimir Putin.

Russia accounts for nearly one-tenth of Japan’s natural-gas imports. Most of what Japan get shipped from Moscow comes from the Sakhalin-2 project in Russia’s Far East.

Last year, Japan imported 4.6 per cent more natural-gas from Russia than the previous year.

Raundi hii they’ll have to go through Russia and China. You’ll notice that Gulf War 1 & 2, the bombing of Yugoslavia and Invasion of Afghanistan happened when Russia was still weak after the Soviet Union’s collapse. Kule Libya Putin believed these white devils when they said they just wanted a no fly zone for “humanitarian” reasons then hunted down Gaddafi. Syria walilemewa kutoa Assad because Russia entered the war on his side. Pengine wajaribu Arab Spring ingine, lakini a direct invasion will be extremely costly.

@Wanaruona kuja utuambie kama Putler atarusha nukes ama atanyenyekea

I think I like hii multi polar world. US wamebeba wasee ufala sana for long.

You can’t compare BRICS na nato, if shit hit the fan today ,50% of BRICS member including Saudi will drop China/Russia like hot potatoes for USA

Finland , Sweden , Moldova , Georgia and possibly Armenia or Azerbijan …
NATO is an Institution …
Putin is just a miserable Tryrant …


Imagine a world where rich and militarily powerful nuclear armed nations can invade neighbours and annex terrirory with impunity .

No one would ever be safe …

Including those morons in here cheering on the criminal Ukraine Invasion by " msito Putin ’ …
Shenzi Kabisa … :mad::mad:

mzee Putin they have broken the 90s agreement not to come near your borders . raid FINLAND too

Zero.its like a side chick banging the door to their sponyos’ home to bring chaos. Atalipa rent ya bedsita aje na weave atavaa Gani,atoe wapi shisha?

Saudi Arabian is ruled by 1 family…
They use their vast wealth to influence the entire population…

Saudi’s enjoy FREE basic social services and benefit from cheap imported manual and skilled labour …
So , they are generally a very calm population in spite of having no say in their governance …