Financial tip

Today I’m going to be real with y’all because already half the year is gone and some of you are still stuck in their old habits from yester year. Guys/gals, if your mind is not pre-occupied with ways of creating more passive streams of income then you are stagnating in your financial life.

Here’s a tip: Use the folks around you, talk to people, don’t be the kind of person who “assumes” others. Great, life changing ideas come from these normal, daily engagements. For example, there’s no reason why you should sit in a matatu for over 2-3 hours and don’t make any attempt to know the person sitting next to you.

Last week nimepata deal moto tu sana that will catapult me to a dollar multimillionaire in about 2 years time. How? Because I was friendly and spoke to this Jamaican at work and he connected me to someone who’s helping me out in my side hustle.

TALK TO PEOPLE! (In my culture there’s a saying which goes: “andu niio indo” watu ndio mali).

This works all well and good when you are in a somewhat structured society, in our man eat man society, every is viewed with suspicion.

Can I talk to you

Never give up, keep talking. The more you open your mouth, the more opportunities come your way. One day you will hit the jackpot you’ve been waiting for.


Fungua servers …haha

You’re as smart as the people you surround yourself with.

That’s why a lot of people invest in shifting locations and networking with the right people who can challenge you.

Lakini ukijuana na mafala dwanzi kama @Randy utazama kama Titanic.

So true…talking to a lady kwa mat, she thinks unamkatia. Talk to a Guy and he thinks utamwibia… anyway great advice @Purple

Congratulations and I wish you success. Isn’t that counting the chicks before they hatch? Be extra careful dealing with Jamaicans BTW.

What’s that side hustle…mind sharing??

Actually nyinyi hamnanga culture.

Secondly kuwa landlord/lady is the only viable investment

Forex now?

:D:D:D kikuyus usually whip out this saying when things are going well… but kikiumana wanaanza …

Ikamba… njaruos… shumari … nilijua tu.

Actually every Kenyan community has their own version of “watu ndio mali” when things are going well. Kujuana.

“Otieno is doing so well… he hooked up with some Asian friends whom he met in … I tell you , watu ndio mali! You can never go wrong if you have the right friends in the right places!”

And it seems this year mambo yako sio mbaya sana… :wink:

Naona tu crypto… investments…

Her crypto trades though are in turbulence.

Simiyu no one cares for your opinion.

It’s a public forum. Anything you say or do here can be used against you. Btw in trading, turbulence is a very good thing. It separates the “men” from the “boyz”. 50% of the reason traders lose is from closing early- can’t handle the heat.

Nikiona tuu dollar multimillionaire in 2 years huwa najua premium tiyaz loading.

Hopefully @Purple hajachagua keyos na vayolens :smiley: and the deal is legit.

Juzi tuu alikuwa anacheza lottery. Be careful guys…we live in an Orwellian dystopia.

Deals with Jamaicans, Nigerians, Ghanaians, Mexicans and Colombians never end up so well…

@Purple if you got hooked up connected to a nigerian prince ,utaumia

@Purple utachengwa, hakuna deal ya kukufanya multimillionaire within 2years, unless ni tender