Finance bill: Not even a comma will change


I like how everyone has been knocked into sense by this bill. Kenyans can now draw a direct link from political choices to balance in the wallet. Maybe the KK govt is what was needed to wake up Kenyans

At least my conscience is clear that I did not vote for this government. Raila, in my view, was the lesser evil. Chenye Kenyans hawajui bado is that this is Nyayo season 2 and the ghasia won’t leave office in the next three decades. He has been very busy making powerful enemies so it will be too risky to leave office. We’re fucked courtesy of all the morons who voted for him. If you think jambazi will only serve 10 years, you are highly mistaken.

Kalenjins at the helm…Sasa all that deductions, will end up in the rift valley coffers…

Meno nje anadismiss public outcry like ghaseeer :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D mtaanza kuskia kisii wanakula watoto


these are the kind of stuff we need sio ujinga za america . For once you acted as a grown up . keep it up…

the stagnant brains will now germinate. you asked for fire, let it burn

Sawa njaruo

Hehe hizi kofia hunimaliza, how do they get them to look like that? This bill has got everyone talking and whining. Prepare lube wadau

Uzuri sikupiga kura. The bad thing ni ati sisi wote tutaumia tu. Kitu sitai fanya maisha yangu ni kupigia mtu kura uongo hiyo unless ni relative yangu mwenye atanisaidia.

Nilikuwa Kangocho on Saturday…I can tell that the Tugeeges wameanza kumea hakiri. They have started realizing that whatever jsks gave them was pure bullshit.

All Kenyans who utter this statement are retards in my view… Kino moja and assmio were both stupid choices if you supported either it just shows how far we have to go as a country

We were ferked in 2018-22.

Saa hii just lube up and try to relax. It will hurt less

So now we tighten our belts, pay higher taxes, so that our children can live better in future? I thought they said “immediately we put the bible down?”
These shits will achieve nothing in five years.

Trump 2024 Mzee

Unaongea nikama umedinyiwa bibi. Unasema Mwaura was the better option for you? Si heri hata ungesema wajakoya

You Clowns got up at 04:00 AM and voted for those 2 Clowns …

Now …
Keep your mouths shut and enjoy the Consequences of your Choices …

NGOMBE Kabisa … !!

For that to happen, we will have to go on a referendum. Mps cannot amend even a comma on the constitution without a referendum.

He need to fire his economic advisors…I mean we are under the mercy IMf and world bank. Tumeshikwa makende

Sikupiga kura ama kufanya tendo la erecting… Nilijaribu wajakoya mwishowe roho ikakataa…afathali ningerushia mwaura…story ya bibi wachana nayo nilimwambia ata kama ni kudinywa asipatie watu hawa jatairi Kama wewe…mbwaaa