Finance Bill 2024 Should CAUSE Civil Strife

Mumeasahau acohol

In order to have any meaningful change , the following must first come to pass

-The suffering being inflicted on citizens must intensify to a point where every passive Person gets out of their comfort zones
This will automatically ignite their survival and revolutionary instincts and set them firmly on the road to Jericho.

-With this state established , great persecutions and torments will follow as the Zakayo Regime and it’s lackeys attempt to control and contain the discontent.
YES …it will get more repressive and regressive…
It will become the Nyayo Error all over again…!!!

-A new visionary, nationalist group of servant leaders of integrity will emerge in a coalition of forces that will galvanize massive opposition and collapse the entire Zakayo Regime and ushering a new dawn.
The price for all this change will be a lot of political sweat , insecurity , tears and blood.

-Subsequently , a people driven national RESET will follow to restore the ship of state onto it’s proper course.

Go and watch the Movie “Lion King”
You might see parallels to what is about to unfold …

BE PREPARED:fire::fire::fire:

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Hiyo umbwaaaaH Hadi data ilishindwa kujinunua MTU meffi Sana.

Anus lickers @sani @mikymas @Billy_Drago @wakameat @ChifuMbitika come help lick anus hapa, inaenda segemenge

You just have to listen to this Kenyan arsehole to realize how these idiots take Kenyans for fools. Where else would this dumb fuck be employed if he wasn’t a politician?

Tuwekee copy ya finance bill tusome