Finance Bill 2021

With the recent enactment of the finance bill 2021, the government keeps screwing the ordinary mwananchi because we are always the product and source of funds for them.
Let’s dissect what this means using practical examples:
[li]Mobile Loans: If you take an M-Shwari loan of KES1000 at 7.5% interest, ordinarily that translated to you paying back KES1075. This has now increased to KES1090 meaning the 25 bob on top is for the government. [/li][LIST]
[li]This was arrived at because Kenyans today are surviving on loans / mobile loans. [/li][li]To add an insult to injury, you borrow KES1000, you receive KES975 because the Government takes it before you do and you pay back KES1075.[/li][/ul]
[li]Internet has also been hit and I for a minute wondered WTF is going on. Made a payment and saw something below before hitting pay: See Screenshot.[/li][ul]
[li][ATTACH=full]373264[/ATTACH][/li][li]Cumulative cost for paying for a service with MPESA is now at ~KES60.[/li][/ul]
[li]Checked what this means for punters and I think Betting companies will be closing shop because no punter will make sense of these taxes.[/li][ul]
[li]Take for example today’s match between Nzoia Sugar and bidco united: A draw odd is at 2.85 but the taxes make the payout odd to be 2.32. [Double taxation- On stake and winnings.][/li][li][ATTACH=full]373266[/ATTACH][/li][/ul]
[li]Taxes on LPG on the rise too. Retailed at KES2250, now up to KES2610 because that has gained traction in the recent years with Kenyans to use LPG. There was a trap that was laid back in 2016, where treasury scrapped Taxes on LPG so that poor Kenyans can be absorbed into the tax band for meals.[/li][li]Being paid a salary through the bank is subjected to another excise duty charge-Keep in mind that you have already been taxed exorbitantly before it hits your account.[/li][/LIST]
These are some of the examples of how the common man is being strangled everyday by the govt and of course the mastermind of all this is IMF.
Perhaps, the logical way of surviving is by looking at ways in which you can escape all these taxations.

Gambler na loan borrower wako the same…

Uchungu ya madeni ni kulupa

It’s like we are working for IMF. With a budget that keeps increasing that means next year we will be back here crying again.

We don’t fucking need Finance bill or the senseless increment of taxes if we just reduce our spending. What’s so hard in just doing that? Like Health Ministry being allocated over 100Bn while health is still devolved function.
If they just cut like 100B in that budget, we don’t need these taxes at all.

I believe the Finance Bill is just for Kenyans to pay more for corruption, looting and basically Kenyatta family

Decouple yourselves from the state njaro