Finally, huyu boss wa posta anilipe. I gave a plan on how posta should be king in e-commerce kwa hii kijiji years ago kabla kichwa iruke. Na hata sikupata za macho

Even the old post office buildings are enough to start the logistic venture. They should be competing with the many matatu courier services and the Jumia/kilimall collection points.

Dead on arrival if incompetence will still be their second name.

So watafanya delivery ya nini exactly? Kenya is not known for e-commerce

Trust me this won’t succeed unless posta is privatized

I agree

It is about the employees/ management… the people… nothing more… Let them have people with competence and most importantly — INTEGRITY! Everything else will work!

We wait to see how their offering will be, how it’ll compete with courier companies

Can be a good one if services and price are relatable to commoners, though services ndio naona zitakuwa down kiasi