Finally, wazumgu wameikubali. Now you can take your dose


Unatuwekea link ya kudownload app? Ghaseer!

Hii kitu watu wa Madagascar walugundua kitambo lakini bonobos wakuabudu mzungu kina @Purple wakadharau with very elaborate nonsense biology terms.Even magufuli imported in bulk the drug. It seems no matter how we dont like him, hes getting vindicated everyday

Hebu weka link mzuri. I want to read it

We are better than Madagascar. We discovered a cure for hiv called Kemron, eons ago.

[SIZE=6]Africa: Artemisia Shows ‘Promise’ Against COVID-19 in Lab Tests, Say Researchers[/SIZE]

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24 June 2020

    Radio France Internationale

By Daniel Finnan
Scientists in Germany released data on Wednesday from laboratory tests showing that extracts of the artemisia plant are active against the virus causing Covid-19. The research is separate from claims by Madagascar’s President Andry Rajoelina about the Covid-Organics herbal tea, but perhaps provides more of a scientific basis for clinical trials and research.
“The results are very promising,” said Peter Seeberger, managing director of the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, adding that future clinical trials are what really counts.
Madagascar’s President Rajoelina has repeatedly praised a herbal concoction of the Artemisia annua plant, promoting it to other leaders as a Malagasy “cure” for Covid-19, despite reservations by the World Health Organisation about the effectiveness of the Covid-Organics drink and lack of data.

Delving deeper into artemisia
Scientists from the Max Planck Institute in Potsdam worked with the department of virology at the Free University of Berlin to further investigate artemisia.
Extracts were used from specially bred Artemisia annua plants developed and grown by ArtemiLife Inc, a company based in Kentucky, US. The business is already selling ArtemiTea and ArtemiCoffee online, which contains the plant.
Two extracts of artemisia were developed by the researchers, one using distilled water and another ethanol. These were compared against a third, the ethanol extract mixed with coffee, and artemisinin, a derivative compound of the artemisia plant already used as part of combined treatments for malaria.

The study, which is yet to be peer-reviewed, carried out in vitro tests using monkey lung cells. It treated the cells with the different formulations and then infected them with the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19 to determine the anti-viral activity.
The two extracts resulted in less of the virus forming, with the ethanol and coffee found to be the most active. Pure artemisinin on its own did not provide much antiviral activity.
“There is an effect, it is repeatable between laboratories,” said Klaus Osterrieder, who conducted the viral tests at the Free University of Berlin. The research was verified by a second laboratory in Denmark who carried out their own tests to ensure consistency of the results.

Future clinical trials
Research on the artemisia extracts is expected to feed into an ongoing clinical trial at the University of Kentucky. It is hoped ArtemiTea, ArtemiCoffee and a tablet form will be incorporated into ongoing trials with patients suffering from Covid-19 by the summer of 2020

it’s unfortunate that we will always worship/follow/trust the whites.
but truth be told, we can be independent as much as we want but the whites are our Masters.
[SIZE=3](we have to liberate our minds. this was the true colonization. not the lands)[/SIZE]