Finally the final " The list "

I’m finally finishing my end of “The list” updates.It’s been a week. Now congratulation to the blue team. We fought together dealing with thunder heads who believe in Q’anon theories .

I’m more worried what lies ahead for Joe 2021. It’s not going to be easy and he might be a one term president, but point has been driven home that hate , hypocrisy and xenophobia leads to no where.

Having said that here is final list thunder heads who belonged to MAGA battalion. Fare thee well:

1 @Purple
2 @patco
3 @mouraythee
4 @Sokwe mtu
5 @captain obvious
6 @Nyamgondho
7. @mbakuthesupreme
8 @T.Vercetti
9 @Bl3ze
10 @nelo angelo
11. @Ned Stark
12 @Jirani
13 @Big fire
14 @uwesmake
15 @Gitonga
16 @Kahuni Maisha
17 @nelo angelo
18 @Wanaruona
19 @sodamadiaba
21 @Liberty
22 @coldpilsner
25 @Ngimanene na matharo
26 @Seer
27 @Kodiaga
28 @Big fire
29 @Electronics4u
30 @Baby Panay
31 @Sambamba
32 @Panyaste★
33 @ChifuMbitika
34 @Kodiaga
35. @Okiya
36. @kichwakubwa (foolish of them all just like his name)
37. @mayekeke
38 @Palladium
39. @mgenje
40. @Karoga
41. @Rene Descartes
42. @Micymas
43. @GREY2020
44 @Beast
45 @Cheza juu
46 @BubbleMan
47 @Mchezaji
48 @kaynety


motherferker have your day in peace


Wanmenyoroshwa especially @T.Vercetti who was posting 10+ threads about his god Trump.

Tumekubali. Sasa ngoja uone vile ushoga na feminism itakithiri.

Frankly, I will never understand the mind set of an immigrant who supports a President/Prime Minister whose policies are to frustrate fellow immigrants. Mine starts and ends right there.

I support a president who thinks about his own people first not immigrants.

Kama hapa Kenya Uhuru should put Kenyans needs first . USA Trump should support his people first

This contradicts what your Uhuru stands for. He does not care about his people. Neither does Jakuon. Match made in heaven.

In terms of immigrants, we form a large number of the population too and contribute to the economy. So a President or Prime Minister that does not endorse that bit of the manifesto is not for me. You would need to be a migrant to understand this.

Trump did not even support his folk thru COVID and this has costed him biiiiiiiiiiig. And also America is a country of immigrants from all over the world.

You Devil-crats are not going to have it easy after openly stealing our election. It will be a rough road ahead for you.