finally some truth

who agrees?

My rela who did diploma version of what i did is a successful man with clients doing what he spent 4 years learning. Well, I have more money but no one knows what i do and I am not proud of what i schooled for. campus ISSA lie mmy frens.

Usijali tuko wengi, just pushing paper work of same things all day everyday doing repetitive work.

Kenya forest service recruits a quarter of its employees from graduates, the rest are diploma holders, and for a good reason.

Module II diluted the true value of a university degree. University is not meant for all of us.

pumpering… what the devil?

hii ni upus ya hali ya juu sana

Kwanza those Matiang’i kids. I agree 80 percent. Over here I see kids going for apprenticeships in big companies after A levels or GCSE and skipping Uni. They get the minimum wage, they work hard for 4 or so years honing the skill…they get jobs speedy and they do not have huge student loans to deal with. I admire those who go for careers in the building industry say like scaffolding etc…the other day I was standing behind a young boy (builder) certainly not more than 20 years old. He checked his balance and what I saw!!karibu nianguke!
And yes there are v rich polytechnic graduates in NBO.