Finally serious action on Salgaa

[SIZE=5]Elders to conduct cleansing ritual at Sachangwan[/SIZE]

Elders from the Kalenjin community in Nakuru County are planning a series of cleansing prayers along the dangerous Salgaa-Migaa-Sachangwan-Mau Summit stretch along the Nakuru-Eldoret highway starting next week.

The elders made the disclosure after they held a meeting at the AGC Sachangwan church on Tuesday to deliberate on the rampant road crashes along the section of the highway.

According to the elders’ chairman Josiah Ruttoh, elders from the Kalenjin and other communities including the Kikuyu Council of Elders will hold cleansing ceremonies along the notorious stretch.


[SIZE=7]I hope a trailer veers off as they cleanse and rids the earth of their stupidity !!![/SIZE]


The only solution to that place is dual carriage it ,watu wawache kumisuse akili Nikki!




What a kind person you are…big up yourself

The reason Kenya is not developing ;people are too superstitious, sasa they are going to counter attack whatever “spirit” is causing accidents around that area… :confused::eek:
People are not lazy not only in thinking but more in doing something… Even implementing!
Only in Kenya. Prayers didn’t work now it’s rituals??


The last time prayers were performed there wiki haikupita kama a serious accident haijafanyika.

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Mashetani are fighting back :rolleyes:


It makes me feels hopeless when people look for scapegoats. Accidents happen because we have some bad drivers on the roads. It seems everybody but the defunct NTSA knows this. I’m glad they’re removed.

Too morbid.
Even if you don’t cosign their spirituality give them credit that their actions will keep the Salgaa accidents in the headlines for a little longer.
In Kenya we move on too fast and that is not good because we never fully address issues only to repeat them 2 years down the line

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WaKale kwanini mnakuanga na ushamba hivi jamani ?

and here i thought communities werent getting more stupid by the day

But i think it worked for the ICC Duo na sasa tano tena

Curses,ghosts and witchcraft will always be blamed for the accidents in that road

Like the church, these elders are just looking for relevance in a world that doesnt take them seriously.


Brutally precise

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:D:D:Dlakini hawawezi enda ku cleanse parliament na vile imejaa umeffi

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you can’t blame careless driving as the cause of accident a 100%. this what the ntsa and govt want us to believe but it is not the whole truth. Kwani hapo tu dio bad drivers pass through, something is wrong with road design there. It is time kenha and ntsa took the blame for doing nothing

Most of the blame goes to the driver who is in a hurry to overtake other cars. When in doubt, slow the fu*k down.
Don’t try to overtake a slow moving trailer and cars are coming from the opposite direction

I hope a trailer veers off as they cleanse and rids the earth of their stupidity !!!


Mimi the only solution I see ni wabomoe hiyo barabara waijaze potholes (or at least ikuwe rough enough that one cannot speed).

DG wa KeNHA kuna time aliuliza how come the Mai Mahiu section rarely has accidents yet Salgaa kuna a smooth straight road with good visibility. Weak link ni drivers, so force them to move slowly.