Finally!! Police station belonging to the pigs has been burnt down in Nimesota

This police station being burnt down sends a very strong message to other pigs out there who are hell bent on killing black people. This is a good tit for tat but we still need the pigs to be arrested.

People will only realise the danger this is posing when the police finish their closed door meetings and decide to withdraw from service. A few people will be slaughtered in their houses, others will be maimed, a few burglaries, a few rapes, a few kidnappings, a few carjackings, arson, etc. There will be zero police response to all the 911 calls for all those felonies for about 24hrs or 48hrs.

Says Mr No Solutions, let’s sing kumbaya and hope things will change

So basically itakuwa Purge: The Hood? They already watched the movie so they will be fine.:smiley:


Kweli. In fact, a few gangsters will attack police families at home and kill a few. These incidents will be given a media blackout.

Vile CIA hutumia protests ku topple govts, Si CIA ya China na KGB warushie black panthers pesa waanze vita ile noma

Already the police are not responding to 911.

Huu ni upuzi, it sounds like blackmail. Bottomline is the police can still do their job without resorting to overwhelming violence against blacks.

Lolo you must be living in a movie inside your head. Nani alikudanganya ati US ukipigia karao wao hukuja within 48 hours?? Hahaha, unless you live in a millionaire neighborhood, the average response time for burglary is week or two, just for the sake of it si ati wanajishughulisha kutafuta mwizi.

Another amazing fact-99% of all crimes in US are unresolved

A time is coming when a white policemen will be looking the other way when they come across a black man. They will be like a live wire which you avoid at all cost


FERK THE POLICE, HOPE MORE GET AMBUSHED LIKE THOSE IN NY while seated in their car and assassinated

What you have described is already happening in chicago yet the police are still in the picture.

When you have time go and find data on police killings iin usa, how many died in the hands of latinos, blacks, whites

Akili kidogo sana. wewe mahali uko askari wangapi wanakukalishanga?

I like this.

This is a systemic issue, the result of institutionalized racism. A stark example is the crack vs cocaine penalties. For a long time any person with at least 5 grams of crack would receive a mandatory 5 year sentence. You’d need to possess at least 500gms of cocaine to receive the same 5 year sentence. So if someone had 20 grams of crack, and another had 50 grams of cocaine, the first one would be charged as a trafficker while the other would only be treated as a user. The only difference between the two drugs is that crack is composed of cocaine and baking soda, otherwise there’s no huge difference in chemical composition. Of course these laws affect blacks more because they’re the overwhelming users of crack.

Consider the ripple effects of locking someone away for 5 years for owning a measly 5 grams of crack. If they supported a family, that family has to resort to more desperate measures to survive. Meaning they must take on more jobs, or resort to vices such as prostitution and crime, which also increases their likelihood of landing in jail. If your wife is doing two or three jobs to survive, she doesn’t have time to look after your kids and instil values in them, meaning the little rascals are in danger of getting influenced by the wrong crew, and ending up in jail as well. Meanwhile, their dad’s 5 year jail sentence only succeeds in turning him into a hardcore criminal, coz after his sentence he can’t hold a legit job. All these people think of the police as the enemy, the police also think the same of them. It’s a vicious cycle that never seems to end.

If the American government spent the same energy and resources they dedicate to arresting and jailing black people on giving them better schools and amenities, they’d witness a drastic drop in crime. These people don’t need special treatment, just an equal playing field. The same education and social facilities across the board and equal application of the law.

The american govt can’t police people’s prejudices any different than the kenyan govt can police tribalism.

I talked about institutional racism, which is different from personal prejudice. The justice system can provide fair legal representation for all. A judge can give you a longer sentence just coz he doesn’t like the colour of your skin. That’s different from a justice system that demands that anyone caught with at least 5 gms of crack must be sentenced to at least 5 years, knowing full well black people are more likely to be affected. Besides, institutional racism fuels these personal prejudices. A white racist cop can easily carry around 5gms of crack (which is a very tiny amount) and frame black people with it. It would be harder for a white person to be framed coz where do you get 500gms of cocaine, plus how do you hide it?

Omg! What is this ignorance. Are u trying to justify drug use? Cunt those negroes just stop using drugs. U sound so hopeless no wonder a jungu will look down upon you. Be smart