Finally..opened my own business


Success in your endeavours. Lakini KRA ndio adui mkubwa wa biashara. Hope you deal na cash. Hakuna lipa na MPESA.

Hao ni customers wako

Naona kazi ni kusafisha mecho tuu!

Congz future birronare

:D:D leaving in disappointment.

Hapa panakaa Nakuru - junction ya Lanet.

Wishing you all the best work hard and you will succeed

Jina mbaya sana

Ebu explain this statement ju biz zangu rely on lipa na mpesa.

At some point they come for your mpesa statements. In the event you didnt declare income you received by mpesa, buy some lube. The’ll pay for the lodgo…

No man will find that shop.

To erase trail of your cash hapa ni kuguess na kucook figures. Na. Una waambia kumegatha mbaya mboff.

That’s the business with basically unlimited opportunities for people who at least understand something behind that. Congrats for all your schemes here anyway. Can we see something better on that or not ? I am done with that matter.

Uko sawa the rest of the village is posting about pussy and lanyes

You could do with better branding/signage though, hiyo hardware iko wapi and from the hand written signage looks like a kiosk.