Finally, Museveni Learns

You can’t keep negotiating with terrorists

one thing i don’t get, why do all muslims, ata wale wakikuyu wamezaliwa mushatha ndani alafu wakaslimu about one year ago, why do they all try to speak kiswahili in a coastal accent? Even in Uganda and Rwanda, you will find those who convert to islam struggling to speak coastal kiswahili instead of arabic. Mona?

Kenya tuko safe coz some men with balls of steel sent a bunch of Sheikhs from the coast to the place where they claim to meet 72 virgins.

Hapo Museveni ameweza. I said the only way to remain safe is by making them understand that ata kama ni mtungi ya gas italipukia kwa nyumba ya mtu, they will pay in blood.

Yaani if anything explodes and kills people, wanaona moto. It’s the only language they understand.

These bastards deserve the worst, wanafaa wachore saba then you pump unlimited bullets up their azz. religion of peace my azz.

Brainwashed idiots most muslims are.
Skia hii, ati male suicide bombers get 72 virgins; female suicide bombers get to choose 70 relatives to enjoy paradise with!

Arabic is not islam and vice versa. Its like saying why isnt a catholic speaking latin. It all depends on where one was indoctrinated and by who. Chances are, majority of these converts are done by coastal swahili speakers ,usisahau majority of whom are terror affiliated.

you are confusing a language and a religion. arabic is a language, islam is a religion. Let me ask you mbona Catholics hawaongei latin? You can be a White muslim and speak English. You can be a Spanish muslim and you speak Spanish. Huku Kenya Islam is mostly prevalent in North Eastern and Coast. In Kenya we dont speak Arabic most probably you will be taught the Kuran in Swahili since its a national language and again Mombasa is best suited for you to be converted.

Alshabaab will use this to radicalize more ugandan muslim youths

Am asking WHHHYYYY they do it. Just visit anyone who has recently converted, you will here them oozing a fake coastal swahili accent.

hapo sawa shoot all those somali terrorists and burn and ban all the mosques

That was the fear in Kenya, but when the radicalist sheikhs were taken out plus other followers disappeared, mothers began warning their kids against joining AS.

Museveni ni roho juu. Hata wiki haijaisha :smiley:

Most sheikhs are coasterians that WHHHYYYY

Maliza hizo ghasia zote. He who kills with the sword must die by the sword. (Revelation 13:10)

I have always marvelled at islams ability to radicalize people and make them militants. Even Hitler said in private that Islam would be a better religion for zi Germans

Wakristu ni ju ya kutumia yesu kwanza and how to get husbands,imaginary success,tithing that sound like extortion, and glory.Mohammed was a radical so to influence people using the wrath of god is easy,besides islam is a way of life,cleanliness,social rungs,self respect,health afterlife,reasonable war, are highly regarded…christians lack such or its not emphasized. Muslims on the other hand use these to influence otherwise

And especially the new converts. Problem is that the leaders hide farthest from danger while they let the new converts go blow themselves up in the name of the religion. What has always bothered me is, can’t the new converts reason like; if this guy is telling me to blow myself, how come he already hasn’t done that?

These guys are brainwashed and probably subtly threatened into doing it.

Its possible to create a society or religion where norms may seem abnormal to others operating outside that society or religion.

Consider the japanese with their Kamikaze bombers WW2. These guys went to die proudly for the emperor and even when the war was over, thousands of officers committed suicide rather than face defeat and many of them did so by disemboweling themselves. To me, this is madness. The emperor didnt disembowell himself after losing and infact negotiated his stay in power. He reigned till the 80s

islam also brainwashes people in the same way and also threats can be used. Maybe you are told family or wife and kids may be killed if seem to show doubts about what you are about to do. Either you will do it out of belief and pride that you are doing the right thing or out of fear for what may happen to your family. Either way, your mental state is such that you will do what they ask.

Islam, as a religion, has really excelled at this