Finally linked with her

Shida ana attitude na fake standards… not worth my time and money [ATTACH=full]279264[/ATTACH]

Niwekee number omwami…maisha ni kusaidiana

Screenshot ya chats?

@Mpenda tell is more, ulimkula ama mlikosana?

@Mpenda apo siamini. Let’s effidense

Contact her here ferkers… this is her telegram handle …


Ungelipa 3k.


Ako na att ya ujinga

Anakaa mwanamke kisirani tu from her other pics.

Watu bado usumbuana na hii? After many years several dicks and 3ks she got standards now.

Si Sabuni haiishi

Uko sure uyo ni yeye

so she was not good, she refused to dry fry? or was only there for money didnt want to do anything? how long was the 3k for? becuase i remember some have legitmately enjoyed sex, some show interest from the begining, whilst some dont but then when your pumping they begin to get off, with you, and some just give issues, and when your high when they get off with you its amazing but when they give issues just send them off and rememeber nex time you see them not to bother! hence why i like negotiating and if they agree to do all they can to satisfy me, a Tip is on the table. usually i will tip more than i have paid overall. and i dont get rushed!

i have seen her picture around for some months now, she must be like 29… and she is known? where does she stay, at liddos or gabbez?

siwezimind kulipa 3k

what were you expecting to form a girl that takes photos with one knee up?

Haha, Rallya again, you will never get over this lady huh. And why are you lying to elders here, why didn’t you post a whatsapp chat if your actually got her number bro haha

I already posted her telegram channel where she does prostitution…btw, why do you keep denying this lady is a malaya…huyu ata nunu ameuza pale Gill House…Ask villagers here before you invest in a hoe…Last time i remember, you flooded my inbox telling me you doubt she is a malaya and bragged how you have invested on her

The only way your argument will ever be credible is if you post the last 3 digits of her number. So, none of all the men who have bought sex from her have her number, Lmao