Finally... At River Rd this morning.... Peasants back on their feet at Ke254 : The herbman supplying Harambee House is out of business


This is the best thing that has happened of late.
The long term solution, registration of consolidators is much welcome.

This will allow small imports and tax paid for such imports.

Wish the government can get what is more imported and encourage private sector to produce them locally and supply to the importers

Why lie. Hizo zimejaa counterfeit

Zakutoka Beijing

Consolidation companies were registered along time ago (late last year). Then KRA put a very high benchmark for the duty to be paid, which they have been adjusting upwards ever since. So niggas got smart.
Ouru said nothing new yesterday

Let the people trade

Ukuigua uguo na ucamiruo!

Would this tax evasion take place without the knowledge and active participation of senior guys at KRA and other departments of the Government, at all levels either directly or indirectly? I mean indirectly because UK might not be involved but guys close to him are.

Nation today are frothing like an epileptic donkey!

[SIZE=6]Inside the dirty schemes of tax evasion racket[/SIZE]
[li]The “small traders” who usually consolidate different items in one container to save on shipping costs are said to have declared the subject goods for transit to Uganda.[/li][li]Most of them own shops in downtown Nairobi while some had no known records of exporting any goods previously, raising suspicions on a scheme to dump the goods locally.[/li][li]Some of the goods were also suspected to be counterfeit while others were suspected fakes, drawing the attention of the multi-agency task force formed to tame the influx of illegal goods[/li][/ul]
Inside the dirty schemes of tax evasion racket | Nation

This was definitely authored by those behind the “small traders” woes. But thy have a valid point. My question is why those within those circles allow tax evasion. Because they do.

I’m sure they will follow correct tax procedures in future…the tax man MUST seal all the loopholes

Labda Uhunye anatafuta third term??

Ndio maana mnapenda China hivyo? It is your bread and butter.

This government has no interest in lowering costs of production so it’s not happening any time soon

What is annoying is that after collecting these colossal amounts of taxes they will end up funding ghost projects eg South Sudan in Kiambu and towels & carpets for dams @Punda imechoka

Leli ya SGR lazma mlipe bana

Just pay the tax ,God will bless you many, many more times , those who steal public funds ni laana wanajiletea kwao na vizazi zao

Unakumbuka kesho ni lini? Hebu weka thread ukumbushe wazalendo. Na useme dresscode ni gani. Na venue.

Laana ni kujengewa dams na carpets and towels, and funds siphonned from gov projects ends up fattening the clergy esp in Mt K region

Dress cord RED, Venue Liberation Corner