Finally at Amar

Yesterday I decided to pay a visit and can attest it’s quite an eye cleansing dungeon… I was not really looking to bed a hooker but just curious to check it out.However there was a certain lady dressed in short, leopard colour dress that got my attention-she looked so fuckable to say the least.On first glance she looked so serious and mean but I guess it’s her dholuo complection don’t ask how I know her roots. I was not ready to part with a penny but should I go back there I’ll surely talk to her… for future reference what do they charge as in the best deal, do you just talk to her and tell her I want to do it?


Hizi threads za Amar… Sijui… Vip classic… Sijui. SJ… almost got me visiting those dungeons one time… But i resisted… Coz once you visit… You become a slave to those women… So… It’s best to just avoid them altogether…

Now i see you becoming part of the group…

Acha tu nicheke. Everybody is looking for money. Keep hanging around such joints with such questions. Those women can read your naivety like a sign hanging on your neck. Utalijua jiji.

Meffi wewe. We don’t need negative energy hapa

Kila mtu huwanza hivyo "I just wanted to have a look " next uko hapa uki leta reviews na tips

Hiyo convenience ni addictive , hakuna ma simu after or stupid texts u deposit ur seed and ur off plus u can never go kavu, plus variety nika buffet ,reached a point nilikuwa n a karibia tao mzee ana anza kupiga salute , mpaka kushuka ma3 inakuwa kibarua . had to stop cold turkey !

Are you really a senior villager? Wewe ni fala sana, you should be ashamed of yourself. Uko kama teenager ameona lanye for the first time. Wtf?

I can relate.
This guy should know he is staring at an abyss and it will take Grace of God to go back.

What he needs to learn is self control and how not be an idiot. Kutomba lanye is ok, uliza wadau hapa why Felister and Sharon are celebrities here, utajua. Just don’t overdo it, and don’t fck bottom of the barrel lanyes wa 150, and avoid madanguro sugu. You will enjoy for long :smiley:

The joke is on you:D
Si ati I’m new to this jiji wolefa…as usual elders and jumping to conclusions… another version of this thread straight up would be-“there was this luo lady I saw Jana at Amar with leopard colour dress and she’s really BBW and looks mean but that’s just her complection,who knows her,rates maybe I should chew her sometime”.

Yaani kwa umalaya I’d say I’ve been to he’ll and back so tulizeni manze eish :smiley:

Not true. Skiza uelezwe maisha bwana, ama utaibiwa na hata uchapwe na hao wanawake. They’ve been at that trade before you were born, and most are dangerous, hata hao wanakuchekesha. You wouldn’t be asking what to say to her if you really knew how they operate. Ni hayo tu.

Another vice i noticed ni kua marafiki na hao women…

Back in 2017…I befriended one… Pale karibu na simmers… Till aka nipatia keys za nyumba yake… She uses to live pale parklands…

So mimi niki toka job like on a Thursday ama friday… Naenda kwake… As i wait for traffic to reduce pale mbsa road… I’d go with a bottle of GIN… Then ana ita mabeste wake wa hio trade… Wakuje walambe GIN… Nyumba ina jaa… Nd i am the only guy… :D:D… anyways… Had to block them woes… Nd i got a college chic…

Leta hekaya

Maliza hii hekaya wewe

He should avoid kabisa. You know just like beer or alcohol, there are pple not meant for some things. He may just go head in and get lost kabisa. You have seen guys who drank their lives away yet those who introduced them are still on it without too many adverse effects.

Kuona ni Bure lakini kuonja ni msoto…but wengi wakuonja waliona Kwanza wakatamani wakasema we “just talking” but landed in pu**
…tafakari hayo kaka…usitafute ufakara, maisha ni magumu na marefu

Mjamaa why would I lie about my umalaya times… particularly nimekula lanye sj,tea room na other danguros that mostly @cortedivoire frequents I believe I have seen a lot as far as lanyeism is concerned, kindly stick to what I’ve posted about.Thanks

Ile siku utashikiwa mashati na mwanamke stranger CBD akidai umekula na hujalipa ndio utaelewa uko kwenye shamba la mawe. It happens to men they want to rob. Who will believe you? Ogopa kuonyesha usio wako hizo area.

Do you also want us to hold your dik and put it in?

Fascinating. This is called classical conditioning and once it sets in, it reinforces the habit and makes it harder to break. The worst part is that it’s very normal/innocent stimuli that reinforces the habit e.g. mtu alianza kuskia reggae under normal circumstances then eventually aka discover reggae hushika even more ukiwasha ka ngwai. Eventually, the same person akiskia reggae anywhere craving ya ngwai ina kick, ata kama ni funeral. Such habits or addictions are only broken either by removing the stimuli or mentally training oneself to disassociate the stimuli from the habit.