Finally, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi , leader of ISIS admits the obvious……’islam is the religion of war’

This satanic bastard, leader of the so called ‘Caliphate’, has finally admitted that Islam is a religion of terror.

An excerpt from his audio recording:

“O Muslims, Islam was never for a day the religion of peace. Islam is the religion of war," he said, calling for mass mobilisation on the battlefield”

You can read the full article here:
PS: No matter what Mayekeke wants us to believe, there is nothing like moderate Islam. By default, Islam is a vicious socio-political ideology that is shamelessly marketed as a revealed religion. There are some good Muslim folks but if you peel off their superficial goodness, you will discover that all of them subtly hate/despite all non Muslims and they wouldn’t mind if non-muslims(‘infidels’) are wiped off the face of the earth.


PSS: If ‘moderate’ muslims really despise the actions of these terror gangs, why can’t they infiltrate them and destroy them from within? Why can’t Kenyan/ Somalians for once pretend they’ve joined Alshaabab and cautiously cripple the terror gang? I am sure even the Americans would generously support such a move.

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@karl marx what you’re asking is like me asking you if you really despise the actions of Kenyan thieves,rapists and murderers why don’t you infiltrate them and destroy them from within. First Al-Baghdadi is a Jew, a Mossad trained operative whose real name is Elliot Shimon.Second any Muslim can wake up today and say that Islam is a religion that worships pigs,that wouldn’t make him right would it? Third which kind of Islam is this that Baghdadi practices that calls for the killing of innocent Christians and Muslims? Not the Islam that I follow or believe in.


Make a point of visiting Eastleigh about a day or two after an alshabaab attack. The somali population is usually in very high spirits.

what do all tom dick and harry want to demonise islam. Every major religion has committed atrocities to get where they are.

There was a time when communism represented the face of evil, I guess now it’s Islams turn

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi might be the much anticipated anti-christ, every thing he stands for is againist christianity.

I doubt it.the maafaka is just a drone strike away from his ’ virgins ’

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Religions don’t commit atrocities. People do, and try to hide behind the mask called religion.

Same thing with tribes.



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While we’re condemning Al-Baghdadi, let’s also remember that this whole mess wouldn’t exist if a certain world power hadn’t disregarded the entire world’s counsel and arrogantly attacked Iraq.

I nominate this for Hekaya of the Year Award. Hata link hata karagosi jo?


The statement of one Muslim leader doesn’t change the direction of the entire religion mboss.


i have always thought of islam as a sleeper religion for satanism…look at it from this point of view all muslims preach peace until they get radicalised…mind you any muslim can get radicalised at any time and decide to blow us up like popcorns.perfect example is that lawyer fool who was at garrisa.

Ngojeni Yesu arudi anyoroshe huyu al-bhajia

You are not any different from that satanic bastard al-baghdadi @ Karl marx your mindset is just as similar. When saying “finally admitted” what impression do you give? Not every son of a bitch who has an Islamic name unto his head represents the Islamic faith. what you need to do is read the Holy Quran understand its teaching as there are so many translations in a language you could understand before opening your foul mouth discrediting the islamic faith just because a particular devil says something that is not written in any scriptures but from his mind. which religion do you belong to that does not have loose cannons who destroy it from within? Your just one of his followers because it gives you exactly what you want.

True. Bush Jr. fucked the Middle East badly.

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Most muslims dont have guts to cut people’s heads off, but they do certainly support kiling of infidels, opression of women and killing of women for petty reasons, and forceful conversion to slam.

…ooh…and sodomy(especially small boys) instead of breaking virginity of girls.

Muslims even here in kenya will just keep quiet. I recently saw the muslim council try to negotiate terms of surrender for al shabab after garrissa attack. They were coming out thinking they had won and finally the government and christians had capitulated. I think that was a government ploy.

I usually say that I know my enemies and am not trying to be nice to them. you can never negotiate with enemies. I dont fence sit too. After all, if I ran into al shabab gunmen, I will be shot before i know whats is going on. After am gone, someone will then try to negotiate an amnesty for them. Why should I try to be tolerant or nice to such people?


whatever faith you follow or whatever religion your allegience falls,what makes you think yours is better than the other?
And fellow christians before you cast your stones,there is no religion that have killed more than you so please we are better looking of for a lasting solution than pointing fingers and self religious elevation.