Final Fantasy 15 I WAS RIGHT -AINT I

Yes dumbo yes…

Your penis is small.

Playing it safe with the ctrl C+ Ctrl V… i understand your struggles juggling more insults than that leads to this

Your pen is small.


@Swidfil Makanje. Stuck at level 1 trolling…or u gone back to sucking dick cuz that’s the only thing u good at. Man I said that i gave ur mom the shocker treatment that sucks bruh. Two nice juicy fingers in her pink N one her stinker. Man u can’t take that shit. Imagine that in ur sleep this hand
This very hand telling u this …I thought u talk shit …but its all mouth for dick it seems.Touche was expecting much more from you [ATTACH=full]69297[/ATTACH]

My penis is big.

You are short and your penis is small.

It done matter when ur mum ni dfhkm nigga

Doesn’t * Osungu. Dll

I am tall and my penis is big.

Wow u r retarded even when u can correct me u fail at it. Plus where I grew up that’s how its said dumb ass.

@Swidfil Makanje. At least u put something out of your mouth even though it still has dick attached to it…I will accept these baby steps

My big penis and I do not recognize non-standard English grammar.

It is used by short people with small penises.

Sorry I picked this up from talking dirty to your mum last night but boy ain’t you special. You gave your dildo a personality

Your hands are dirty and you have a small penis.

What gave it away from it being in your mum.


Your thumb is short and so is your penis.

Hey I take offense at that what you got against short thumbs.Your mum loves what I can do with it.This ain you speaking it’s the dildo,I had a feeling I wasn’t the only one banging her.[ATTACH=full]69322[/ATTACH]

Your penis is small and men think with their penises.

GAY thread !! grownup men talking about penises

This game looks like shit I have never been a fan of RPGs ,FPS ndio zangu