Final Fantasy 15 I WAS RIGHT -AINT I

Well its a week away. It has leaked in so many places like an ebola patient but unlike an infected patient(+[B][I]square[/I][/B] enix official confirmation of the leak)Why isnt this game doomed. Even with a day 1 update which isn’t supposed to happen because they delayed it for a few months to avoid (Lets not factor in those playing the leaks).It still holds our wallet with a vice grip 10 years of waiting is no joke.Was a teen when i first saw the first version of this game in a mall in Norway. After the advent children movie I was dumb struck by the animation in this game if @TerribleWaste is amazed by the recent cars 3 teaser watch the masters at work here. This is a thing of beauty…The movie was amazing just started the anime(yes am going full fanboy with this bitch) and even though my last final fantasy game was Final fantasy 7 on psp,I get the tone and direction of the universe am about to jump in. As a gamer and an I.T enthusiasts I have a very personal investment in Hironobu Sakaguchi,many heroes are talked about but people like him are an inspiration to those who wish to partake in this industry. So yes am brooding maybe am just wasting your time but tell me if 2016 has produced something of such caliber.
This trailer was dope.And please for the love of God dont watch it less than 1080 okay 720 ndo last option kama phone haiwezi cuz lower than that the graphical diff

latest trailer for dummies:D:D

psst @slevyn @MISCHIEF kuliendaje na COD yenu mulinyamaza mukitry kuniltea upuss nikiwa N.V and also @Deorro na wewe pia:D na hio Dishonored 2 chieth

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They’ve milked enough out of this franchise it’s time they let it die, like tomb raider

Bruh tomb raider is on a good reboot run what are u talking about Xbox n Sony are fighting over it. Play the new reboot story line and u will swallow ur words… It even pushed uncharted of its throne.Plus this is from the creator of the series 10 years in production n u say milking God.hii kijiji itaniua na upuss watu hunena

This is one game I don’t think I will ever play. It just isn’t my thing. My next game is BF1. As soon as I recover from vertigo of BF4. Or I will play a lighter version of this game… Infamous First Light. Did I hear a glass break?


Yaani Trailer gave you an orgasm?

Says the guy the guy who just said this …really game was dead if it was 2010 but from Tomb raider reboot …cmon the new character even looks 10x better only thing am missing ni kuruka ma somersault but this ni upuss get ur facts straight next time

Yes …oh yes it did …this on my Xbox 1 during that boring holiday season with concoction of chemicals for comfort u don even know the half of it.This is at least 80 hours of gaming story and hio ni bila kuji second guess so yes…fucking yes
Won’t lie I ain gt an RPG to play for while since witcher 3

I have basically completed one final fantasy in my life and that was ff13 and even that was cuz I had nothing else to play but this is more my type cmon they have a ride that switches to a plane a chocobo what u and the magic has environmental effects …its worth my time n money. Plus Bf1 ngoja Easter price drop that’s the usual time pple jump on it

@Deorro plus u know the second video is actual gameplay footage right u telling me the the freezage effect is a kawaida thing ur dishonored can do this

…na din think so plus hope u notice it affects the.mates n u can mix the magic elements to one spell

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first fifteen minutes ya infinite warfare hakuna upuss kama magic spells, nisha dowload played it jana normal cod but still awesome

Uko crias… Unabonga juu ya cod bado hauja on a news …I have played the games sp in normal and it was shit complete boredom but won’t help that i played these two before I touched that shit show that cod:iw

Pick which one to crush ur soul either way cod din sell shit this year had Microsoft gave back refunds for the game that’s how bad it’s ass was kicked this year.

black ops 3 is still way better in gameplay and it’s older compute that…

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