Final Destination Kenya Edition



The Grim reaper is always lurking.

Huyu driver wa trailer ametumia hazards lights ku divert in a busy road ndio mwenye makosa.

The canter guy was overtaking the trailer, coz the trailer driver had not indicated he is turning to his right.

Even if the poor chap tried to dodge left or right, remain on the spot, go backwards or fowards bado angegongwa. The only way angehepa is if he could teleport.

Enyew yake ilikuwa imefika. He was probably wearing earphones which contributed to the lack of situational awareness

I think he would have made it…kama angeiona earlier he would have dodged it.

Hiyo nguo amefunika nayo kichwa, fashionable he thought. He could not see

Very dangerous how this youngins dress. Siku hizi zivaangi hood kwa kichwa. Juzi karibu nigongwe na nduthi nikipiga raundi. That huge hood makes you deaf and blind to anything on the sides. Alafu uongeze earphones. Unakuwa kipofu na kiziwi 100%.

Old video but why is the fucker in blue running away?

Have never understood why lorry drivers choose to speed in crowded places…kwanza hizi Isuzu za kubeba maji na shonde

There was also a lady on earphones pale globe who was hit and killed after she failed to hear hooting from a matatu that had lost control

Breaking news:-:oops::eek:

Mimi nikivuka barabara am always trying to see my surroundings. Always scanning for hazards. Huyo jamaa most likely ako na earphones hakusikia screeching brakes. Hood covered his peripheral view too. Rip

Adrenalin kicking in

mimi huangalia left right mara kumi hata one way street wacha watu waniite mshamba .

Thats what i do. Hata nikiwa in the middle of the crossing i still keep my head moving

Wueeeeh. With the speeding drivers and poorly maintained or overloaded vehicles, there’s nowhere safe on any Kenya roads.

Some people wako na ujinga ingine ya kuzaliwa hawafai kuachwa wadrive roho safi. Sasa huyoo nkt ghassia pussy yeye.