Final Analysis

  1. JSKS has an upper hand to win(55%+), but let’s not underrate Kuzimia candidate Babuon. He might pull a surprise, especially with Shallow State on his side. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE STATE!!!

  2. UDA × Kenya Kwisha would have a super majority in the lower house. (National Assembly) so even if Babuon wins, he would have a hard time getting critical bills passed. That would be a Pyrrhic victory.

  3. UDA × Kenya Kwisha would also have a majority in the Senate. Kuzimia are not as rejuvenated as before.

  4. Kuzimia would win the Senate + W.Rep seat in Nairobi. Kenya Kwisha would have the governor seat. In Mombasa Kuzimia would scoop everything (Senate + Governor + W.Rep), same to Kisumu.

  5. If elections would be FREE AND FAIR, A runoff is likely. Unfortunately Deep State haina hiyo time.


Quite a fair assessment

How do you reconcile point 1 and 5. A likelihood of 55% win for UDA to a run off if free and fair elections are done?

Nothing matters now.

Piga kura, enda nyumbani. Wait for the winner.

Let the country forge a head

Arm chair analysis

I am assuming Babuon has the state on his side.

This is a just btw, nothing much to write home

Keep the day job

Wacha ujanja. Just vote for Ruto bila kusumbua. Ghasia.

Not in Kenya days. MPs are bought for as low as 10k

My sentiments exactly. These mpigs who chase 10k all the way into women’s toilets in bunge? These people stand for nothing.


And they have no loyalty. Watch after the elections how they’ll start playing musical chairs.

MPigs are the most useless people.

No chance.
Wajackoyah will not even crack 2%.