filthy lanyes

I understand that the sight of skimpily dressed prostitutes drives many of you bonkers. Particularly their bare well-oiled thighs.

But what about the ugly lanyes dressed in baggy sweat pants? Some of them are so hideous, I’d actually give them money to go away, if I had any money to give out.

And why is it that most lanyes are Kikuyus? Nothing turns me off more than a kikuyu-speaking lanye.

I’d rather jerk off than be spotted negotiating with such women on some sidewalk. There’s nothing wrong with masturbating. Just clean your hands afterwards.

You find guys married to good looking women going for those lanyes:D. Unashangaa, but thats life bro.

it’s quite sad

Ulitombwa mattercore kichwa ikaruka :D:D:D you are filthy madman @Tauren nakuombea ukufe hio stink yako ipotee .[ATTACH=full]443802[/ATTACH]


No hoe gives it up better than the ugly one.

In psychology, its called Madonna-whore complex