Fikeni nyumbani mapema

I’l leave it here. Keep favoring people who don’t create policies to create jobs for young men . These young boys will come for you too after your escapades na guarana

[ATTACH=full]155133[/ATTACH] ndio hao wanakam

1.Senator attach video msuri.
2 @123tokambio @MegaKing kabla aweke thread kama hii .

Umeiba gif ya sponsor.

Waah! Nimeogopa.

This is bad…

before ile nyangau uncle ikule mtoi wa 15 years

:D:D:D:D:D, hii ilionekana Kabla ya zile magazines za pied crow tukiwa primary

Scary and sad. Why did he keep hitting him with the panga na alikuwa ashaa surrender? My parents used to call us when they were 5 minutes from home tuambie watchie akuwe tayari kufungua gate.

Install a remotely operated automatic gate opener/closer.
Press the remote 15 metres away from your gate, slide into your compound nicely and close it after you all while still in the car.
And it isn’t that expensive.

So uende ufanye ivo kwa buroti ya wenyewe

And where’s the problem in that?
You can keep moving with it wherever and whenever you shift.
It’s definitely cheaper to do that compared to losing your car, sustain injuries or even lose your life in the hands of thugs.

These cameras won’t save your life if you meet such goons kwa gate . It will help recover your car when stolen and not your life when stolen . Stop and think about it for a minute

muTESO niaje

I haven’t written about cameras anywhere.
You must be still drunk.

Hehehehehehe…good memories right there

Hehe kichapo cha nyoka

No way of telling if the victim had installed one, but failed and was in the process of installing a new one or repairing it.
Technology is subjected to failure , let’s focus on insecurity in this country, ama mtasema am expecting to much from the government.

Perfect hammer for the nail

Mbona nashuku tulisoma na wewe mackenzie