Where will all these Jowie groupies go after he’s turned out at Kamiti coz I hear inmates in Kamiti are already fighting over whose wife Jowie will be,kumbe flyness can be a big problem like this…

For heavens sake its a Friday!! Hapana sumbua watu na your faggot skewed thinking

hehee…soon you will see him do a thread inaitwa ‘coming out’…wont be surprised

chochina unasumbua

The village muguruki

wow u call this a fight?
i once witnessed a fight at a club (me nilikua nimeenda kuwatch ball coz zuku wako na ufala-otherwise singetoka kwa nyumba. i got like 75 bishes on standby no need to hunt outside my phone)
anyway nigga got hit by a bottle so hard hiyo chupa ilipasuka
probably lost his sight coz alikua anableed around the eye

hapa naona momo vs dame regular