Fight Night - This card is fat !

Am rooting for Kamaru Usman and Weili Zhang.


Usman the bonobo atararuliwa

Glad to see mma taking root in KE. In 2016-17 mimi pekee nilikuwa napost huku najipata najiongelesha.

I can’t believe that I’ve been a fan for over 8 years.

Shahbazyan is very promising, glad to hear that he changed teams.

Main event inaanza 5am bana! Good thing about that time ni kwamba everything is quiet.

Saul Alvarez vs Caleb Plant

Am also a fan but hizi vita hua zina pandisha adrenaline…
Fan wa izzy


Kamaru v Covington…Kamaru win
Namajunas v Zhang…Namajunas win
Gaethje v Chandler…Gaethje win

Have a feeling kamaru will lose…

Good morning brotha. And Still !! :smiley:

Wrong Feeling it was. Weili lost though

Bro ulieka pesa ngapi ? Naona ni kama utalipa rent hadi ya March

Finally he won. Ufc Hapana macheso…A slight mistake and you are out. You saw what Costa did against izzy…

Costa had no plan B hehehe. Costa’s fighting style is very much like Romero’s. Swinging Missiles. So he must have watched Izzy and Romero’s fight and thought, why wasnt Romero unwilling to move forward ? Coz you land into a knee or punch because izzy is a smooth counter striker. Costa being the ignoramus he is, Muchamaa akaingia fight kabla kusolve puzzle ya Izzy, and he was made to look like a regular bodybuilder with no fighting skills. Robert Whitaker anaenda rematch na Izzy but nashuku anajua atapigwa tena bado

:smiley: sikubet banae…nilipeana predictions tu na naona zote zilichapa ndani

I think whittaker will give izzy a good runnfor his money as he is the only one that can potentially beat him.

Ps: uliona ile KO ya Alex perreira? He is a real threat