Fight club

Watched this movie back in the day enzi za ma VCR… If u watched it till the end… Tell me what u remember… I mean wakati majina za cast zina scroll down… U are ninja if u saw that[ATTACH=full]309820[/ATTACH]

Me nakumbuka tu waki-chant, " His name is Robert Paulson… His Name is Robert Paulson."

Nop… 5

Thebmovie was crazy… In the a f…d…flashes… When the names are scrolling

Please observe the first rule of fight club. You do not talk about fight club

True dat

And there are rumours the idiots in Hollywood want a female led fight club movie. :D:D:D

Two people and two opposites. The theme is kind of boring, but Chuck Palahniuk wrote a very interesting story on this subject, and David Fincher skillfully transferred it to the screen. Most of the fans of Fight Club were happy with it. Excellent cast and good choice of actors made the picture even more great, what is worth a wonderful acting of Edward Norton and of course Brad Pitt. If you really want to see a good acting of Brad Pitt, then Fight Club is one of those films.
Not a soapy movie was also able to evoke negative and mixed emotions from those who haven’t read a book, or just found the movie too strange, or too boring. There is no third option, either you will love the film adaptation or not. After all, it’s not self-destruction for everybody, it’s the meaning of life, not all of us think, just like the heroes of the movie. Thats why we’re not heroes, we’re observers, and if everything that happens on the screen is just a story, tedious, colorful, it doesn’t matter, why not? We will feel like strange fighters with the system for a couple of hours and become sleepless terrorists with the aim of destroying the world economy.
Tired of chronic insomnia and desperate to escape from a painfully boring life, the clerk meets a certain Tyler Durden, charismatic soap dealer with a twisted philosophy. Tyler believes that self-improvement is for the weak and self-destruction is the only thing worth living for.
The hero’s philosophy is simple and accessible, but not everyone will agree with it.